Hello Second World!


Here’s to another piece of literature I am about to send out to all you avatars and pixels. This is an update blog for the Shai Shopaholics who are continuing to bless me with their great support . Thank you!


I am rekindling my love affair with the written word. But this time its all about the clothes I have designed and “handcrafted” with my lola’s touch. I may be coy and tease you with upcoming releases. Or maybe bore you with my idiosyncracies as struggling builder. Dont you fret, I will pepper this with lots of fashion images so my prose wont clog your arteries.


Also, I hope to catch you at the Casa’s newly installed campfire to hear more swashbuckling stories about this wonderful world of second life.


10 thoughts on “Hello Second World!

  1. Welcome Shai to the wonderful world of content creator blogging. Yay! You are a talented creator so I know you don’t need my good wishes but I’ll give them to you anyway. I love ya!

  2. Shai – nearly every day in SL, I am decked out all in Shai 🙂 It’s my true addiction and I thank you for helping me make my AV an extention of who I am in RL 🙂

    Can’t wait for more great designs (she says after purchasing the cow dress, all the daisy dukes, the green cocktail dress, the Dorothy, the brown dress whose name escapes me, all the longer shorts, etc.).

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