The Prom Queen

In 1976 a prom queen introduced us to the sweet horrors of telekinesis and teenage sexuality. A character most of the girls in her time had abhorred, secretly admired and immensely misunderstood. Inspired by the film and a bouquet of roses , I bring you some blood stained confectionery dresses to don this Halloween.

The dresses come with a prim flexi skirt and a separate blood spatter jacket layer to wear when you’re feeling murderous. On other days, you can all just be sugary sweet and everything nice.


Incidentally, the tiara is a jewel not included in the pack.


4 thoughts on “The Prom Queen

  1. I can see the model’s “dirtypillows” She’s going to hell!

    The dress in the movie was less poofy, but I think it would have been prettier poofy anyway. Course I was a teenager in the 80’s when everything was poofy, hair, shoulders, skirts.

    There has got to be some kind of telekinesis, fire setting attachment out there somewhere.

    Now, where can I find William Katt and John Travolta.

  2. Hey hey! I’m sure this is going to sound completely stupid and ridiculous lol but i’ll ask anyway, are these dresses actually real coz i absolutely love them and i want one for my prom!!!

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