The Bellydancer

Jangling coin sashes and fluid silks maketh a seductress in a belly dance. Hypnotic moves in Belly Dancing have always fascinated me and the music is just surreal. I was listening to my Putomayo CD this past week and it has inspired me to dance again. Today, i offer you a bevy of beauties in the Susheela Belly Dancing Silks that would surely hypnotize your audience.

The silks come in four juicy colors of Gold, Pearl, Ice Blue and Fuschia. Each outfit has a halter top in shirt and undershirt layers, a coin sash, a thong, prim flexi skirt and arm bands.

This collection is transferrable so you can send them as gifts to your friends. Now jangling at the Casa del Shai – Deimos (247, 50, 37)



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