Shai Girls Fall Winter 06

An abundant offering for the pixelite fashionista who’s taste is richly discriminating and eclectic. The Casa unveils to you its fascination with cashmere and skinny jeans, luscious brocade, fringes and sexy librarians. This holiday season, wrap your arms around lush fabrics and watch the leaves fall.

Shai Skinny Jeans

Here’s my signature Shai Skinny Jeans and Im really proud of them. Handpainted and handwashed with 5 different styles, these jeans come with underpants and pants versions you can wear with your favorite boots. They come in Alchemy, Pebble, Fade Out, Dark Denim and Regular wash colors to suit all your outfits.

Cashmere Belted Jacket

The Cashmere Belted Sweaters in Berry, Juniper, Chestnut and Plush is an old favorite style. Pull yourself in these warm goodness and flaunt them with the skinny jeans. The fat pack comes free with the Fade Out Skinny Jeans shown in the ad above.

The Batucado Dress

Here we have a flirty Batucado Dress, inspired by a bossanova artist, designed with a detailed rose brocade and cinched with a leather belt. The skirt has a wonderful fringe trim right at the distinctive scalloped hemline. Shake your hips in Violet, Gold, Steel, Turquoise and Salmon colours.

The Bordello Dres

The Bordello Dress is a haughty satirical take on the elegant Lady of the Manor. The dress is a floral bouquet in a flexi skirt with a scoop on the decolletage and a fancy keyhole that bares your back. This comes with a string of South Sea Pearls to complete the look.

The Novelle Librarian

Finally, the Novelle Librarian comes sashaying in her tweed Leatherbound skirt and a sheer frilly Alma Mater blouse. This set is a conservative retro inspired look that speaks of card catalogues and unreturned books. I spent so much time in the library pouring over books, i had to pay homage to my icon. The Alma Mater blouse comes in Corn, White and Rose. The Leatherbound skirt are in Brown, Black and Ore

Now shimmy down the digital highway with these new clothes from the Casa. Send me photos of your fabulous self decked out in Shai digs, i’d love to post some in flickr. Twirling out.


9 thoughts on “Shai Girls Fall Winter 06

  1. koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. Ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skinny jeans. Are these for sell? If so where the heck can I buy them I HAVE TO HAVE them!……..HAVE TO!


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