Shearling Coats and Mock Turtlenecks

Ruby Shearling Coat Taupe Ruby Shearling Coat CocoaRuby Shearling Coat Ebony

A lot has been happening in my RL as of the moment, but SL remains undaunted. Here is the latest on the Casa del Shai Line. Another pride and joy, the Ruby Shearling Coats. These pieces started out as a silly dream to wear sheepskin in a tropical country. I know. Laughs. The fashionista in me groans everytime retail stores would try to sell these babies here, knowing sweat will be the end of us.  But then again, some coveted girlies actually work in siberian conditions at chic office buildings. Maybe thats an excuse to wear fur. Anyway, in second life, we can always be who we wanna be, and wear what we wanna wear.

The Coats come with a jacket + skirt layer, a mock turtleneck and a prim rosette pin.  Due to some whispered requests, I will be coming out with a couple of Mens Shearling Coats before the week ends.

To pair off, the Casa also came out with these Mock Turtleneck goodies so you can shrug off the coats in style. They come in great bejeweled colours; Nutmeg, Fern, Ebony, Teal and Ruby.

Mock Turtlenecks


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