The Disco Shirts: More 70s flava

Back in the days, I used to ransack my dad’s 70s mothballed closet for wonderfully printed disco shirts. I had a blast with Paisley this time and here’s the latest design to complement your Travolta Suits. Introducing The Disco Shirts for men ..really (..but girl, no one’s stopping you). They come tucked and untucked with matching bellbottomed brown polyester pants in 6 wonderful colors. Dress them up with gold chains or drip with style with aviators on. Get them while they’re hot at the new Casa del Shai Deco and Deimos.


Rollergirl Rompin at the Casa

Released these babies last week and posting them now is such a crazy afterthought. Inspired by the 1997 movie “Boogie Nights”, we give you the smashing Rollergirl Rompers in such delish colours, you’ll never eat a popsicle again. Try the hotpants on for size and check your license before you head out the door. These rompers come with matching legwarmers that will sizzle with Skoopf skates or any pair of high heeled boots. Catch them now at the Casa Del Shai Deco and Deimos.

Rollergirl Romper Ad

Rockin Boogie Nights Bday Bash

We boogied, we shimmied, and we conquered the dirty 30s! Last thursday was a rockin Boogie Nights bday party and I am still reeling from the hangover. We had so much fun that night despite the consistent crashes and lagatronic occasions. Big shoutouts to those who came and partied with me. 39 avatars, 15 hours of non-stop chatter was one for the records.. the parcel was teaming with beautiful people.

As expected, we had folks strutting in 70s Boogie Nights gear. Haver Cole stole the show as Amber Waves. Sol Columbia muffled us with her huge afro and moo Money had her camera rollin. Kyushu was, by far, the reigning Dirk Diggler. Seeing lots of Travolta suits on the dance floor were enough to make my day.

Everyone rocked the shiny disco ball chim and lined up coke for snorting. At one point i thought I saw a copybot copymachine rezzed out on the corner..hmm..i might be hallucinating with all the coke flowing. The after hours party evolved into another Truth or Truth Game (<3 Saeya) that rocked the socks of those who stayed. Thank you guys for giving me the time of my digital life. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well. Thanks to Rance Alva, Novi Gadsby and Push Skolnick for spinning tunages. Till the next Casa del Shai cocktail affair.. Much luv and mixxed kahluas. Hooo!

PS: I crashed ten million times and werent able to snap pics. Anyone who took party pics, do send them over so i can post it here. xoxoxoxo


Happy Birthday Me.

Alright, ill fess up. I’ve just turned the big three-oh. Tis a fine 12:01am and im kissing my Smirnoff ice with glee. Its not a big feeling, afterall this time of knockin around and procrastinating on how to celebrate my birthday. It has finally seeped in.. Always imagined it to be a fireworks affair. God knows how I sludged through my 20’s with so much effort. So if you would like to share this special day with me, come be at my party at the Casa del Shai, Deco on the 18th of January 6pm SLT. We are doing Boogie Nights so come as your favorite 70s character. Get down tonight, Dirk Diggler.rollahgirl-copy.jpg

/glitter on with shiny toy guns

The Casa glitters on with these new releases both for the men and women. Continuing the 70s fashion are new plug ins to the hit wonder, Travolta White Suit…. The High Roller Suit. Here is a pack of glitz and glamour for our men. Comes in an array of 3 traffic-stopping colors of red, green and yellow, these suits are stylish in a swank casino as well as by the poolside in a cocktail party.

The High Roller Suit

For the ladies, pay a little tribute to those sexy curves. The Haver Gold Pantsuit is a cosmopolitan halter number, highlighted by a slinky gold chain belt and yes bellbottom pants.. Charlie’s Angels never looked so good with gold artillery. Shake your groove thing in Gold, Black and Wine and pack some heat.

Haver Gold Pantsuit

Both now available at the Casa Del Shai, Deimos.

Ive also added more colours to the Solid Gold Bodysuit as per your fabulous requests. These suits now come in Red, Black and White, in addition to the Fuschia, Goldfinger and Cobalt Blue.

Rockin on with Shiny Toy Guns’ Le Disco : Shai Delacroix

Travolta Struts at Shai Guys

New year ushers in a sexy white hot suit thats made to strut the dancefloor Travolta style. An icon to top all the generations of cool, he oozes with sex appeal and would scoff at anyone who dares to touch his coif. Be the stylestar of Disco Fever ’77 in this suit and bring back Saturday Night Fever into your second life.

The suit comes with four (or more) different looks including several pieces of the fantastic white polyester fashion. The white jacket, white waistcoat with belt at the back, black silk shirt and the groovy white pants are set in different layers so you can mix and match it anyway you want.

Travolta White Suit

Stylin now at the Casa Del Shai.

Viva 2007!

Casa del Shai welcomes 2007 with Disco Fever. The new Shai Clubwear Line shines, shimmers and glitters with three new outfits to celebrate this season’s festivities.

First off we have the Stone Slinky Dress. This minidress is a bombshell, wrapped with lame ribbon around the neck, and slides down your hips with a flexible 2 prim skirt. The back drapes low and is perfect for those who like fabulous exits. Comes in 5 colors: Vermillion, Indigo Viridian, Gold and Silverstone
Stone Slinky Dress

Second is the Snakeskin Diva Dress in copper. Wrap yourselves in snakeskin and love its shaking 2 prim skirt. This minidress has a sexy cutaway back, accentuated with golden trimmings. It also comes with the mod gold prim diva belt.Snakeskin Diva Dress

Third and final is the Solid Gold Bodysuit. A scintillating romper with one strap over the shoulder, this number shimmers in style and is cinched with a flexi Gold Belt. Live out that dream to be part of the famed 80s dance group with this bodysuit now. Solid Gold Bodysuit
All rockin’ at the Casa Del Shai, Deimos.

Time to Shine 2007!