Viva 2007!

Casa del Shai welcomes 2007 with Disco Fever. The new Shai Clubwear Line shines, shimmers and glitters with three new outfits to celebrate this season’s festivities.

First off we have the Stone Slinky Dress. This minidress is a bombshell, wrapped with lame ribbon around the neck, and slides down your hips with a flexible 2 prim skirt. The back drapes low and is perfect for those who like fabulous exits. Comes in 5 colors: Vermillion, Indigo Viridian, Gold and Silverstone
Stone Slinky Dress

Second is the Snakeskin Diva Dress in copper. Wrap yourselves in snakeskin and love its shaking 2 prim skirt. This minidress has a sexy cutaway back, accentuated with golden trimmings. It also comes with the mod gold prim diva belt.Snakeskin Diva Dress

Third and final is the Solid Gold Bodysuit. A scintillating romper with one strap over the shoulder, this number shimmers in style and is cinched with a flexi Gold Belt. Live out that dream to be part of the famed 80s dance group with this bodysuit now. Solid Gold Bodysuit
All rockin’ at the Casa Del Shai, Deimos.

Time to Shine 2007!


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