/glitter on with shiny toy guns

The Casa glitters on with these new releases both for the men and women. Continuing the 70s fashion are new plug ins to the hit wonder, Travolta White Suit…. The High Roller Suit. Here is a pack of glitz and glamour for our men. Comes in an array of 3 traffic-stopping colors of red, green and yellow, these suits are stylish in a swank casino as well as by the poolside in a cocktail party.

The High Roller Suit

For the ladies, pay a little tribute to those sexy curves. The Haver Gold Pantsuit is a cosmopolitan halter number, highlighted by a slinky gold chain belt and yes bellbottom pants.. Charlie’s Angels never looked so good with gold artillery. Shake your groove thing in Gold, Black and Wine and pack some heat.

Haver Gold Pantsuit

Both now available at the Casa Del Shai, Deimos.

Ive also added more colours to the Solid Gold Bodysuit as per your fabulous requests. These suits now come in Red, Black and White, in addition to the Fuschia, Goldfinger and Cobalt Blue.

Rockin on with Shiny Toy Guns’ Le Disco : Shai Delacroix


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