Rockin Boogie Nights Bday Bash

We boogied, we shimmied, and we conquered the dirty 30s! Last thursday was a rockin Boogie Nights bday party and I am still reeling from the hangover. We had so much fun that night despite the consistent crashes and lagatronic occasions. Big shoutouts to those who came and partied with me. 39 avatars, 15 hours of non-stop chatter was one for the records.. the parcel was teaming with beautiful people.

As expected, we had folks strutting in 70s Boogie Nights gear. Haver Cole stole the show as Amber Waves. Sol Columbia muffled us with her huge afro and moo Money had her camera rollin. Kyushu was, by far, the reigning Dirk Diggler. Seeing lots of Travolta suits on the dance floor were enough to make my day.

Everyone rocked the shiny disco ball chim and lined up coke for snorting. At one point i thought I saw a copybot copymachine rezzed out on the corner..hmm..i might be hallucinating with all the coke flowing. The after hours party evolved into another Truth or Truth Game (<3 Saeya) that rocked the socks of those who stayed. Thank you guys for giving me the time of my digital life. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well. Thanks to Rance Alva, Novi Gadsby and Push Skolnick for spinning tunages. Till the next Casa del Shai cocktail affair.. Much luv and mixxed kahluas. Hooo!

PS: I crashed ten million times and werent able to snap pics. Anyone who took party pics, do send them over so i can post it here. xoxoxoxo



3 thoughts on “Rockin Boogie Nights Bday Bash

  1. Yay Shai! Danielle and I weren’t able to stop in for very long, as we had an event to run at the Gin Rummy, but we’re glad to see it was an affair to remember!

  2. Awwww, I’m sooo bummed for crashing and not being able to get back in like 30mins into the party. 😦 Glad you had an awesome time though, babe. *snugs*

  3. Great party Shai. I am proud to be your Dirk Diggler nominee. I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for the nightmares about ginormous afros that have haunted me since…

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