Is that lipstick on your collar?

Casa del Shai commits adultery with a steamy new release this Valentines month: The Adulterer Suits. The steamy whispered IMs, the sneaky rendezvous and the harried TPs.. This suit is a tale of illicit affairs and unquenched desires , and it urges you to kiss that girl in your second life.  That lipstick on your collar says you got your game right.

They come in two colour sets; Pinstriped Black and Pinstriped Navy. Each pack suits you up with four shirts plain, suspendered, kissmarked, and semi untucked scruffiness, a jacket, a pair of pants and 2 loosened flexi ties.

The Adulterer

Now smear those lipstick marks on your collar and tell us your risque stories at the Casa del Shai Deimos 239, 31, 46 and Deco 113, 150, 30 .

This suit is inspired by a lot of similar stories ive heard, experienced and watch bloom and explode like firecrackers on a new years eve. I thought it was probably apt to release on Valentine’s as a cheeky reminder of how passionate and intimate we can be and revel in it. Happy Hearts Month!


5 thoughts on “Is that lipstick on your collar?

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  2. As the model’s girlfriend (lucky me!!) I can attest to the fact that this suit is hot hot HOT!!!!! Damn! I loved it so much i went and bought one for myself!! Yes!! That’s right girls – it looks hot on us too!!! Roll with it 😛 The tie…. genius, and as for the lippy on the collar …. action guaranteed!!! Hoooo! You RAWK Shai! :)~

  3. Being “The Adulterer” in the photo,I don´t take really advantage of the rep,being hitched n all,but when your partner is the maid of honour in a wedding…and you must keep up with a certain tradition…oh…it works perfectly!!! 😀
    Also it just causes a impression when arriving at a party and ya know,everyone seeing that I´ve already had my party!hahahahaha 😉
    The suit is awesome,the effing shading,the goddamn tie (a prim knot,nobel stuff)…love it…love it…love it.The hair is ND so are the glasses,and the shoes are from Shiny Things…and they are great.And Shai…I want more!!!;)

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