Hello from Boracay!

Heya from sunny sandy beaches of Boracay. Thanks to modern technology, we have some semblance of internet access. But unfortunately, I cannot go inworld yet. I truly truly am missing my SL. And I’ve been having weird withdrawal syndromes, so drowning it with alcohol seems to work. lolz. Anyway, I miss you guys all. Leave an IM or for other pressing matters, IM Aemila Case. I shall be back on the 18th to sort out my mailbox. Lotsa coconut oil love and seawater stringy hair, Shai ♥


9 thoughts on “Hello from Boracay!

  1. Hey Shai! Hope you’re having loads of fun. Miss you lots but comfort myself by wearing your clothes. Especially the guy’s shirts!


  2. Ooooh thanks guys! I miss you all too. 😦 and Menno, I saw two mating slugs yesterday during my dive to the wreck. Totally reminded me of you. They were as big as your fingernails. And we dont have Mcdonald’s on this island yet. bummer.

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