The Singles Awareness Day Experience

Sunburnt, slightly sober and sand overdosed, i trudged back towards the beach last night with half my companions in alcoholic stupor. Thanks to a crazy scuba instructor, my roommate downed the 15 shooter experience at Cocomangas and got totally ripped for Valentines. What’s with men and putting on a machismo act of “I can do that in 1 min, boys!” So this morning, he’s paying for his sins in bed with a huge bottle of agua. Yay for the Singles Awareness Day!

Anyhoo, I’m starting to feel stuck in this island. Weirdly, the SL clothesmaking withdrawal symptoms is starting to creep up behind my burnt neck. God knows I still have 4 more days to endure the hangovers but I gotta take my guest student diver around and show him the sights. You guys should check out Boracay if youre planning a trip to my country. Its our slice of heaven on prepared to get lost in the sheer beauty of white sands, blue water and “spring break” mentality.

Boracay Beach

Also, the real reason for this unexpected trip is that I’m attending a beach wedding this saturday and I am doing the first speech (I introduced the bride and groom – yeah yeah I am a matchmaker). But I havent really worked on my speech yet. I hope I wont slurr….*hic* I will probably go mushy and sweet. What the hell. Wish me luck pixels. Im trying to make up for the RL time I’ve lost. lolz. Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day. Missing you guys so much. ♥ Shaisterrrrr


2 thoughts on “The Singles Awareness Day Experience

  1. Wooohoooo annnnnd I’m back yo! Uploading a teaser pic just to show you Boracay, the beach that inspired the dress. Im cranking up the sewing machine, guys. Expect some new releases soon.

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