The Reluctant Seductress

The lady they call the seductress sizzled on the chaise lounge draped sweetly in her sheer little lace dress, . Her coif perfectly smoothed, her neck and ears adorned with classic pearls. She watches you with hooded eyes, tempting but not overtly showing much. You cannot resist the way the lace seems to show her delectable skin. Is she wearing anything underneath? you think. Then she smiled a little at you and quickly averts her gaze down to her decolletage, cupped in a delicate scallopped lace. That’s when you realize, you are smitten.

The Reluctant Seductress is made of the finest Chantilly Lace, sheer enough to say come hither yet modest enough to state a regal class. This number is the Adulterer’s elusive prey and his eventual downfall.

The Reluctant Seductress

The Dress comes with a V-necked Blouse, Skirt and a cute pair of Knickers. Now teasing you in Tanned, White and Black Inked Chantilly Lace only at the Casa del Shai Deco & Deimos.


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