The Vice Suit cruises the night

Sultry summer nights, wandering through the streets and looking for some action …the Vice suit bring memories of palm trees, bad 80s music and fast cars. Now you can cruise the streets in your Ferrari Testarrosa, as you crank up a Phil Collins’ song on the car stereo. Let’s not forget the shoulder pads, the Ray Bans, espradilles/loafers without socks and the distinctive five-o’ clock shadow. This linen suit comes in vibrant pastel colors which dominated the mid 80s in clothes as well as in art deco architecture. Pastel is macho when youre toting a Sig Sauer or Smith & Wesson as you solve crimes of flamboyant drug dealers.

The Vice Suits

Fighting crimes at the Casa del Shai. Each pack comes with a Silk Shirt, Linen Jacket, Belted matching pants, and a Vice Badge. Firearms not included.


6 thoughts on “The Vice Suit cruises the night

  1. Shai, OMG. I read your description twice and then I TOTALLY CRACKED UP. This is one of the bestest textual ways I’ve ever seen to introduce new clothes. What’s even happier is I got most of those references! SHARP.

    I’m a big fan of Jan Hammer and dig the Miami Vice music. Esp. the soulful melodies of “Crockett’s Theme” I’d like to hear that in Second Life while walking across the beach.

  2. Ha! Torley, thank youu. I love writing about the clothes the way folks relate to them. Everyone of us have their own memories of how the Big Don was too sexy for his tan back then. Comin out with more!

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