Un poco más del casa

A little more for the boys this weekend, I just released a couple of pinstriped unbuttoned shirts for the Spring Summer Menswear. The Poco Striped Shirt is a hike back to my preppy roots as a lover of clean cut styles and folded sleeves . The outfit comes with an unbuttoned cotton shirt, worn with the Ribbed Tank and the new Adrien Paper Pants in Denim. A Sunday afternoon with the gang or an afterwork casual date would suit the dashing bachelor in this outfit.

Poco Ad

Also another one for SS07, I’ve released the Ribbed Tanks (Wifebeater, Ladybeater to some – but i refuse to get beaten up) last week and they come in packs of 3. These babies can be worn in all possible layer styles; jacket, Shirt, Undershirt and tucked in Underpants versions.

ribbed tanks ad

Both now available in Casa Del Shai Deco.

Capoeiristas Rock the Casa

Brazil is where the music plays sweeter. The Mestre feels this as he sweeps the roda with such fluidity and ginga, as he commands the crowd with his intense performance. This weekend Casa Del Shai presents the Capoeirista to mark the first release for Spring Summer 07 Menswear.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art is created by enslaved Africans during the 16th century. Disguised by a rhythmic fluid dance surrounded by a round of musicians playing the berimbau and the pandeiro. Each move is strategic and deceitful. Each step a showcase of beauty and a celebration of stealth.

The Capoeirista

Available in Yellow/Orange, Yellow/Green, Black/Red and Mestre Black cordas. Each outfit comes with 2 white pants, prim-folded and full, 2 ribbed tank shirts and the coloured flexi belts (corda) for your skill level.

So you got ginga? Get some at the Casa.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

The Bridesmaid, the epitome of honour, class and beauty at every wedding. After the bride walks down that aisle, all eyes turn on these lovely belles in waiting. She’s the supporting actress who steals the limelight coz the bride is worrying about the sequence of the show or what happens after 10 years of marriage. Its funny how they seem so serene and blase in their little satin dresses yet you know theres some wicked stroke inside those lil smiles.

Working on this dress reminded me of a classic Ani Difranco remake of Wishin n Hopin song (if you have ever seen Runaway Bride, its the intro song in the movie). The lyrics has this sarcastic punch to it: ” You gotta show him that you care just for him. Do the things that he likes to do. Wear your hair just for him, ’cause, You won’t get him, thinkin’ and a prayin’, Wishin’ and a hopin’.” O Rly?

Always the Bridesmaid Ad

Revel in being always the bridesmaid, gals. Available only in black with a prim flexi flouncy skirt, a white satin ribbon, fingerless mesh gloves and a cute pillbox hat with tulle (This fits most prim hair I’ve tried on, but it will need some tweaking on boufant do’s)

Visit Casa Del Shai

La Vie Boheme!

The distinct sound of those maraccas and splash of delicious waves on your ankles get you thinking of summer. This season, wrap your scintillating skins with the Casa del Shai’s Swimwear and toss the winter blues away.

Our first collection is the Hibiscus Bikini and Sarong Set. Sway in the warm breeze in a soft sarong wrapped around your neck. This number includes a matching ruched string bikini with delicate ties on your hips and on your nape. The sarongs are printed with a handdrawn Hibiscus flower on the bodice. Comes in Ocean Blue, Petal Pink and Butter Yellow.

Hibiscus Sarong and Bikini

The Hamptons Bikini and Fishermans Pants are reminiscent of the haughty bonitas you see walking with their designer sunglasses, toting their Evian water sprays. Show off that expensive body in a juicy striped number that accentuates the bustline. These bikinis are matched with sheer linen Fishermans pants which flexi-ties on your left hip. Comes in six delish colours; Green, Orange, Pink, Fiesta, Blue and Purple.

Hamptons Bikini and Fishermans Pants

Our third offering is the Bohemian Bikini and Fishermans Pants set, rolling in the bohemian flavor with 4 different prints: Fern, Pucci Orange, Zebra and Blue Lagoon. This set is inspired by the west indies and carribean flavor. The bikinis are ruched and tied at the cleavage with thin straps in complimentary colours. The matching sheer linen Fisherman’s pants are wrapped with a belt around the waist. Think bossanova, corn rows and a cool margarita as you watch the sun in these babies.

Boheme Bikini and Fisheman’s Pants 2

Shaking the summer groove now at the Casa Del Shai Flagship Store, Deco.

Got a Date Saturday?

Mark your calendars, pixels! Saturday April 7, 2007 at 12 PM SLT you can totally bid and snag that designer you’ve been buying stuff from.

Join the Shopaholics Relay for Life teams in a spirit of good-natured frivolity on the beautiful island sim of Nuku Hiva in a landmark event where 10 or so of SL’s high profile designers and content creators will be date auctioned to aid in raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Each one of us will be pwnd to the highest bidder and mind you, we dont expect any wining and dining. All your lindens are going to benefit cancer stricken residents from our world. Aint life so grand?

Date A Designer

So get goin and party with us in bikinis and sexy trunks,. Dont forget the meshhair and leave the prim dos at home. Bid on that designer of your choice and get to spend a couple of hours talking to them, exploring the beach, and dancing the night away.

The After hours party will be groovin with DJ Sean Clancy spinning on the turntables. And boy you ought to hear his sexy voice over the stream. I shall see y’all lovely pixels on Saturday! Please drop Grazia Horwitz , Ryan Darragh or me an IM if you got any questions.