Got a Date Saturday?

Mark your calendars, pixels! Saturday April 7, 2007 at 12 PM SLT you can totally bid and snag that designer you’ve been buying stuff from.

Join the Shopaholics Relay for Life teams in a spirit of good-natured frivolity on the beautiful island sim of Nuku Hiva in a landmark event where 10 or so of SL’s high profile designers and content creators will be date auctioned to aid in raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Each one of us will be pwnd to the highest bidder and mind you, we dont expect any wining and dining. All your lindens are going to benefit cancer stricken residents from our world. Aint life so grand?

Date A Designer

So get goin and party with us in bikinis and sexy trunks,. Dont forget the meshhair and leave the prim dos at home. Bid on that designer of your choice and get to spend a couple of hours talking to them, exploring the beach, and dancing the night away.

The After hours party will be groovin with DJ Sean Clancy spinning on the turntables. And boy you ought to hear his sexy voice over the stream. I shall see y’all lovely pixels on Saturday! Please drop Grazia Horwitz , Ryan Darragh or me an IM if you got any questions.


2 thoughts on “Got a Date Saturday?

  1. Shai! We did it! We kicked cancer’s ass all over the Nuku Hiva sim … and it was fun!

    I can’t think of a finer group of people I would want to lay the smack down on a pervasive disease with.

    Love you always,

  2. Yes we all did it. Wheee! I cant believe we got so worried (read: I stressed out). Im so lucky to have all you guys as my team mates in Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure. The sun always shines on those who tries 🙂 Big hugs to the Shopaholics Team. We totally raised over 1 Million Lindens! Can you believe that?? I almost cried.

    And here are the lucky winners:

    1. Forseti Svarog – Winning Bidder: Anonymous 30k
    2. Isabella Sampaio – Winning Bidder: Haver Cole 10k
    3. Lucian Overlord – Winning Bidder: Shai Delacroix 18k
    4. Pushbutton Skolnick – Winning Bidder: Kode Forager 50k
    5. Aradia Dielli – Winning Bidder: Stephen Townsend 100k
    6. Lucas Lameth – Winning Bidder: Haver Cole 21k
    7. Colleen Desmoulins – Winning Bidder: Menno Ophelia 35k
    8. Shai Delacroix – Winning Bidder: Forseti Svarog 120k
    9. Blaze Columbia – Winning Bidder: Callie Cline 85k
    10. Canimal Zephyr – Winning Bidder: Mathieu Basiat 220k
    11. Digit Darkes – Winning Bidder: Blaze Columbia 50k
    12. Truth Hawk – Winning Bidder: Digit Darkes 20k
    13. Torrid Midnight & Antonia Marat – Winning Bidders: Mathieu Basiat & Canimal Zephyr 320k
    14. Mathieu Basiat – Winning Bidder: Haver Cole 40k

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