Un poco más del casa

A little more for the boys this weekend, I just released a couple of pinstriped unbuttoned shirts for the Spring Summer Menswear. The Poco Striped Shirt is a hike back to my preppy roots as a lover of clean cut styles and folded sleeves . The outfit comes with an unbuttoned cotton shirt, worn with the Ribbed Tank and the new Adrien Paper Pants in Denim. A Sunday afternoon with the gang or an afterwork casual date would suit the dashing bachelor in this outfit.

Poco Ad

Also another one for SS07, I’ve released the Ribbed Tanks (Wifebeater, Ladybeater to some – but i refuse to get beaten up) last week and they come in packs of 3. These babies can be worn in all possible layer styles; jacket, Shirt, Undershirt and tucked in Underpants versions.

ribbed tanks ad

Both now available in Casa Del Shai Deco.


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