This Ain’t No Garden Variety

Ah the merry month of May has rolled on, leaving us sprung with love, undeniable glows and flirtatious rosettes. This time, Casa del Shai presents its current infatuation with all things floral.

The 50s Romantic Sundress harks us back to the vibrant and wholesome era of sockhops, malt shops, garden parties and the ubiquitous white gloves. Women are pretty in knee-length pleated skirts and veiled hats. Each dress comes with the hat which is adorned with netted sculpted veil and rosettes.

50s Romantic Dresses

The Garden Variety Mailot Dresses are also plumped up with flouncy skirts with petticoats. Don the one piece suit at a classy hotel poolside and watch the men do double-takes. These are Glamour, girls and not just your Sunday’s best.

Garden Variety

Run through gardens and pick up one of Spring’s loveliest belles at the Casa Del Shai Deco & Deimos now.


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