Romancing The Filipiniana Ternos

Casa del Shai introduces The Shai Filipiniana series, a loving tribute to the glorious Filipina ancestors, drawing inspiration from our history and colorful literature. We celebrate our Independence Day every June 12, when the first flag was raised over Taal, and I thought it was a good time to showcase true Filipina flavor. These Ternos are stylized variations of the Philippine National Costume adorned with lace butterfly sculpted sleeves, bell sleeves, the Panuelo (shawl), shirred bodices, pearls and flexified ball gown skirts. Each gown harks back to the Filipina Mestizas of the 1800s as it evolves into the the ternos Imelda Marcos personified in the 70s . They symbolize the grandeur and beauty of the Dalagang Filipina, mysteriously demure yet amazingly proud and strong.

Filipiniana Terno Ad

Filipiniana Design Shai Delacroix ©Osay Magturo

These gowns were made with much heart and love. A proud independent nationalist, and a culture geek at heart, this is why I am proud to be Filipina.

87 thoughts on “Romancing The Filipiniana Ternos

  1. Thank you so much 🙂 This series is made with blood, sweat and sleepless nights. A month and a half in production. I will detail all the gowns on separate posts 🙂 The barongs are on the way.

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  6. Gorgeous and Glamorous…where do I find your Filipiniana Collection? Need one for my visit to Manila in Dec. 2007. My husband needs a Barong too. Please get in touch with me, Shai.

    Great collection…

  7. great designs! where can i find your collections? can we order online? i need one outfit before the end of november. hope you can get in touch with me thru my email add soonest. by the way, i’m based in seoul, korea right now.

  8. My Name is Shirley I’m one Candedate of Ms. Maui Filipina here in Hawaii. I see the design of the gown do u have any address and phone No. so I can Call u I need the Gown as soon as possible its like Imelda marcus the design, one I see beige with dark brown undernet. would u mind to Call me 1(808) 214-31-50 as soon u get my message appreceated thank u and aloha from Maui

  9. awesome!wonderful filipiniana dresses…I need a couple of them when i get home from Dubai (July 2008)!can i pre order?where can i find your place?Please email me!

  10. i’m entering a miss asian american competition and would like to order the imelda terno gown (green) if possible…. how do i place the order?

  11. Hi! I’m interested in your creation. Can you please email me back your contact number- where I could reach you. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  12. whoa, beautiful stuff. from another “culture geek at heart,” these are inspiring. i love the ternos and balintawaks of old, and your modern interpretation is exciting. you’ve mentioned that all these gowns are only virtual, but i do hope you will get a chance to see them in reality (i’m assuming you sew…)

    in any case, i hope you make more designs. great stuff!

  13. hey! i’ve always wanted to buy a traditional filipino dress and i really like your designs. is there anyway i can purchase this?

  14. I was looking for Filipino costumes for Buwan ng Wika and what did I see here? A fabulous combination of tradition and innovation. You make me proud to be Pinay 🙂 These designs rock!

  15. My daughter is competing for Miss Asian Festival 2009 here in North Carolina and she really love the Imelda gown. Can this be bought or made for her and does it come in different colors? If so, how can I place the order? Please respond asap for the competition is fast approaching. Thank you very much!

  16. m interested in the maria clara and traje de mestizos. around how much would they cost?

    i live abroad. i would probably need to email you my measurements before i go for fitting. i plan to go back to manila around the end of may for just a couple of days (4 max).

  17. hi! i love ur dresses, im going to be in a miss ten fil-am pageant and i was wondering if i can either purchase, or if possible, rent one of ur dresses. please get back to me as as soon as u can. thank u so much!

    Alyssa Arjona<3

  18. Superb!, Oozing with class. this is art, culture and design at its best. And i don’t mean just the Filipiniana costumes, which are breathtaking, but all of the collections. Congratulations Casa del Shai, you are an incredible showcase of Filipino talent and impeccable good taste.





  20. I am one of the contestant of Mrs. Phil. USA. Our coronation night is on Nov. 7 and I am interested in wearing our Fipilipiniana Terno. I like the Imelda design.

    I would like to know how much its cost and how long is the delivery?

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  22. i am inetrested in your collection and asking how much is the price of each dress? i need the dress by dec 5 i am here in us…volunteering to do the modelling for filipino arts and culture…hope to hear your reply as soon as possible, thank u

  23. Hi! I’m attending my parents golden wedding this Apr. and the theme is Filipiniana. How can I order, how long will it takes and how much each gown costs? I like the Imelda and Traje de mestiza ternos in gold and cream.

  24. hi. i’m attending a Filipiniana themed wedding on December 2010.

    i’d like to ask how i can purchase Donya Victorina gown? and how much would it be?

  25. hi shai:
    how can i order the filipiniana imelda for my 9 year old daughter who is a size 8, & what colors are available?

    i live in canada.

    hope you can email me back.


  26. kami biyayaan kabanalan kapayapaan! I can read the baybayin writing underneath the picture 🙂

    And btw, I love the designs

  27. Hi,

    I would like to know if we can rent filipiniana gowns from you. Please contact me through this email ad.

    Thank you

  28. your designs are great!! I’m intereseted in the traje de mestiza ternos? where can i find your shop? i hope to hear from you soon!!

  29. your designs are great!! I’m intereseted in the traje de mestiza ternos? where can i find your shop? i hope to hear from you soon!!

  30. hi. your designs are really great!
    i would like to know if you rent out your gowns. where is your place? and how much if i rent the dona victorina gown? thanks very much!

  31. Your designs are really very nice. Do you have these gowns for rent? For how much? I would like to rent it for an event on the 16th. I hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks!

  32. Please can you help me? My Grandparents, from Manila, were married about 1894. I have a photo where she was wearing (what I think) a white lace mestiza blouse with butterfly sculpted sleeves, and what appears to be a satin dark skirt. Can I email you the photo so you can see it? I would like to know if you can give me information on her and possible his clothes. My guess is this their wedding photo, but I don’t know for sure. We have so very little history on them and this would really be important to us. Thank you. Sami from Colorado, U.S.A.

  33. hi!! i saw your design and it was really really great.. where can I fnd ur shop?do u have these gowns for rent?? i need ur reply as soon as possible.. i would like to rent for an event on dec 17… thank you so much..

  34. I will be entering a pageant in two months.
    I would love to purchase or rent one of your gowns.
    They are so beautiful.

    Please contact me ASAP!!!


  35. I find it really amusing that so many people want to order cloth-and-thread dresses from you after seeing these dresses you’ve made for Second Life (a Sims-like virtual world for those of you who don’t know.) The designs are truly gorgeous, by the way!

  36. These are another beautiful collection of Filipina mestiza dresses I’ve ever seen. I love these dresses! I adore them, and makes me feel proud to be a filipina. There’s nothing more beautiful than these! beautiful, elegant and descent.

  37. Whenever I see lovely mestiza dresses like these, I feel dignified! Only in the Philippines you can see such beautiful, elegant and yet descent women’s gowns like these. That’s why I am so proud to be a Filipina!

  38. how can i buy or rent for a traje de mestiza to be used as a wedding gown (flilipiniana theme). PLs email me the details. Thank you!

  39. i love these clothes.i wanna have them on my vacation this december in the Phils. Can you email me the address and the phone number so that i can buy at least two of those. i really need it.

  40. Hi, those are fab designs! what about wedding gowns? do you have wedding ternos as well? I look forward to hearing from you soon through my email. Thank you.

  41. hello, I’m looking for a filipiniana costume, and I saw ur creation, they’re very lovely.. and so beautiful. I’m a student and we’ll be having a fashion show this coming march at Shangrila hotel. This is part of our personality development subject. I’d like to know if ur offering sponsorship? Or can your gowns be rented? ( if ever,how much?) Now a days it is very rare in the market. and were having hard time, to see one. maybe u’ll be the answer to are problem. I’ll appreciate ur immediate response, so that if ever i will recommend u to my professors, also to my co – students. thanks.


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