The Donya Victorina Terno

Doña Victorina was a fictional character in Jose Rizal’s 19th century revolutionary novel, Noli Me Tangere. Married for convenience to a Spaniard, Don Tiburcio de Espadaña, she was depicted to be a Kastilain wannabe, influential and snobbish yet strong in her wiles. The Donya Victorina Terno is a rendition of how colourful her life is, in royal blue Piña with embroidered rosettes on her skirts that run up to her shoulder. The gown is cut low on the back, draping fluidly down as it is tied together with a big satin bow. The butterfly sleeves are sculpted with sheer alencon lace as well as those on the skirt. Filipiniana glows with the colours of spring as roses bloom at the Casa Del Shai.

The Doña Victorina Terno


11 thoughts on “The Donya Victorina Terno

  1. its so beautiful!!! i’m planning to wear filipiniana dresses during parties and special occasions… i think its wonderful and very upper class…

  2. i agree with jhuriza, the poster before me. i’d love to wear filipiniana dresses to parties and special occasions. i even think maybe wearing balintawaks would be nice everyday. sometimes, i get tired of wearing jeans… 😛

  3. being a filipino woman we should conservative what we wear..and its so nice to have this filipiniana dress…its a beautiful gown and very historical to the filipinos….and i like it so much…

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