The Maria Clara Terno

Maria Clara is the heroine of love and beauty in Rizal’s novels. She shines as Crisostomo Ibarra’s muse and as an affluent Binondo debutant , also the illegitimate daughter of an evil Spanish friar Padre Damaso. The ultimate Dalagang Filipina, Maria Clara inspires all the generations of women with her child-like innocence and strength of character. The Terno effuses such radiance in bright magenta pink, dotted with embroidered roses and spun with rare Spanish lace. The tapis worn around her skirt is joined at the back with a big satin bow and two silk rosettes. The bodice is also adorned with the same Spanish lace and fastened with a row of pearls down her back. Again, the sculpted prim butterfly sleeves can be worn traditionally or without.

The Maria Clara Terno


24 thoughts on “The Maria Clara Terno

  1. im looking for a debut dress and this one has certainly caught my eye, the pink maria clara terno. would you please send me information on how i could possible get this dress as well as price information. thank you so much.

  2. i like your maria clara terno and the traje de mestiza. please send me information on how to get it. and price information as well . thank you hope to hear from you soon

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