The Imelda Terno

Inspired by the glamour of a glittering former first lady, this terno is an embodiment of how she moved the dark & powerful decade of Philippine History with her style. Imelda Marcos popularized the Philippine national costume with butterfly sleeves and stylized column serpentina skirts. Each public appearance was a work of art. She was keenly aware of Filipino cultural constructions of the lady as the icon of national tradition, and used these insights to achieve her nationalista goals. Everyone secretly loved her fashion sense.

And oh god the shoes. We went to see the infamous wardrobe when i was young and I was fascinated by the disco shoes encased on a pedestal. There were rows of shelves with endless shoe styles, I was in heaven and I thought it was a shoe library. Frivolity sparked in my little heart.

Casa del Shai pays tribute to the lady with the Imelda Terno. A creation of lavish draped silks flowing into a column, adorned with sculpted lace butterfly sleeves. Akin to a dipped paintbrush, this terno is ink-stained at the hems with burnt Spanish lace.

The Imelda Terno

The Imelda Terno radiates her beauty at the Casa Del Shai Deco in Ivory and Verdant. Wrap yourselves with royalty now.


17 thoughts on “The Imelda Terno

  1. Wow. Gorgeous dress and that’s gotta be the nicest thing I’ve ever read about any of the Marcos family. After reading about her shoe collection, I’ve always had this secret desire to open a shoe store somewhere and call it Imelda’s.

  2. Oh wow thank you so much! I was a martial law baby (70s was the bomb!) and was exposed to the cruelties vis a vis the glam. An Imelda shoe store would be awesome! And yes, I have been busy *falls out of canimal’s mouth.

    PS: man, the disco shoes were fancy, bling bling with running disco lights on the heels. 😛

    • its so beautiful!! by the way is this on second life? cause i would totally buy this.if it is what word should i put on the search bar? anyway,Excellent!! 🙂

  3. I will be the Hermana for City of ORlando
    celebrating the Phil Xmas festival and I would love
    to wear a gown like this, How do i order?
    I need it before Nov 24,2007. thanks

  4. wow…i’ve been looking at pictures of philippine cultural dresses trying to get some inspiration for my wedding dress…i like your style!!!

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