The Luna and Amorsolo Suits

Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo are great Filipino painters whose body of work crossed all borders in their times. Having won various accolades in the 19th century art world, they brought Western attention to the tiny little archipelago of the Philippines. These artists traveled foreign land and brought inspirations back to their homeland, armed with linseed oil, turpentine and numerous homemade canvas.

Casa del Shai brings to you more of the Barong artistry in a Westernized suit form. The Luna suit is dashing in deep navy blue accentuated by a brown silk pocket scarf and a brown belt. A white barong shirt is casually tucked in to emphasize the blue. Seersucker fabric offsets the heavy colour as this suit shines as a Spring Summer staple. Be a dashing debonair with a Cuban cigar at your fingertips. Schmooze your heart out like an Oceans 13 character in a Luna ensemble.

The Luna Suit

The Amorsolo Suit is a well travelled man, suave and sensual in deep stone grey. Like the work of the great artist, the suit is a visual play of light and shadow, highlighted even more with the overall monochromatic look. This suit comes with a new set of prim flexified ties, grey jacket and pants and the black barong shirt.

The Amorsolo Suit

Now charming the ladies at the Casa Del Shai, Deco.


6 thoughts on “The Luna and Amorsolo Suits

  1. I have never worn a suit that made me look as good as yours. The design, shading and textures are completely over the top perfect. These definitely top when I ask myself “What to wear today?”

  2. The work you’re coming out with these days is amazing Shai. That Luna suit has hopped out of the frying pan and into my inventory.

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