Shine like a Supernova

Stepping a bit away from the traditional Filipiniana, the Casa del Shai offers you a couple of new resortwear releases from the Spring Summer line 07.

The Boho Beaded Bikini Sets are inspired by wonderful beadwork on sheer linen kaftans worn at the beach over the swimsuits. This piece states classy resort lounging, perfect for the chic understated diva and her superstar boyfriend. Each pack contains the ruched bikini, adorned with beaded clasps and the delectable linen kaftan shirt on the jacket layer. Surrender to the sunset, ladies, and watch the stars explode with these sheer babies on. Comes in Fuschia, Turquoise and White.

Boho Beaded Bikinis Group Ad

The Vega Pantsuit is the latest addition to the Casa del Shai Clubwear. Inspired by runaway stellar collisions, this halter piece shines her diva light with a diamond encrusted, silky scarf that wraps in folds around the neck. Sizzling on the dancefloor and even more at poolside, this piece comes with a one piece swimsuit that lets you enjoy that cocktail by the deck. Comes in the hippest metallic craze of hues, bronze, ivory and slate grey, you bet your cosmopolitan, this suit is definitely swoon-worthy.

The Vega Pantsuits

Now slinkifying your summer at the Casa Del Shai Deco.


2 thoughts on “Shine like a Supernova

  1. What is the program used with the models? it looks really nice and somewhat realistic..

    do you know any other programs that can also generate models?

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