The Boys of Summer

Hot on the heels of a scorching heatwave, Casa del Shai wants you to strip. Right down to your barest swim trunks. The two new releases offer discreet coverage and maximum fashion on the sandy shores of Bohol and Samar. First off we have the Bohol Beach Trunks shown off in grey paisley print. These trunks are available in two packs; Sombre Stripes and Solid Blocks, capped off with a tied string at the waistband.

The Bohol Beach Trunks

Jumping off from the fashionable greys, the Casa brings you the Samar Swimshorts in perfectly happy colours. These are maximizing retro appeal with the summer stripes series and short short hemlines. Don a Rayban mirrored aviator and flex those thigh muscles before you dip into the community pool in these digs. Now popping cherries at the Casa del Shai Deco.

The Samar Swimshorts


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