Casa del Shai & Shopaholics for a Cause

As the SLRelay for Life draws to a close, Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure Team would like to thank you for the support you have shown us with our campaign against Cancer. We are blessed to have people like you share your time with the Date a Designer Event and the Tarot Reading Event. That with as little as a couple of lindens, we can help cancer patients within our virtual community, friends from this digital world. This weekend is the culminating event for SLRFL 07 and we are releasing limited editions from the team. The Casa del Shai along with Nicky Ree, Calla, Muse, Earthtones Boutique, Tete a Pied, Aitui and many others invite you to explore our sim at Relay Sim 28 this weekend. All proceeds of these releases will go the American Cancer Society funds.

CSD RFL Limiteds


4 thoughts on “Casa del Shai & Shopaholics for a Cause

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  2. I would love to know where I can purchase a sundress from “50 romantic sundresses” – Perfect for a garden party

    thank you

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