The Trench Coat Collection Fall Winter 07

‘Tis the season for falling leaves and crisp fresh air, of walks in the parks and falling in love. The Casa Del Shai would like to entice you with the first of a series of classy casual trench coat dressing. Absolutely the staple for this season, belted, checkered, bright eye popping colours of red and sombre “in” colour grey, the Trench Coat comes full circle as it is depicted in all facets of your personality.

The Kingston Trench Coat – This coat is an equestrienne’s dream come true. Classically cut with big buttons and cinched at the waist with two belts, the coat is an affair on its own. Perfect for an afternoon tea or a trot over the woods mid-afternoon, the coat makes you want to just throw up some leaves in the air.

The Libertine Trench Coat – The modern day Audrey Hepburn shines in this mod chic trenchie. Inspired by the 60s, this black and white plaid coat comes with a prim belt, flexi tails, puff collar and sculptified cuffs. From the buttoned down front to the handpainted details, this outfit is a sure win for the fall.

The Natascha Trench Coat – Espionage is a perfect reason to don this trenchcoat. A covert intelligence operation in double breasted black buttons, scarf and pocket details the perfect fashionista form in cherry red lipstick. The coat is handpainted and comes with an optional prim belted tail. Fashion stalking is now possible in both Grey and Vermilion Red.

The Trench Coat Collection FW07

Natascha Trenchcoat in Grey, Kingston Trenchcoat, Libertine Trenchcoat, Natascha Trenchcoat in Red.

Ladies, make a statement with one of these lovely coats now at the Casa del Shai Deco.


8 thoughts on “The Trench Coat Collection Fall Winter 07

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  2. What I don’t understand is why the coats are different prices. I keep going and looking at them and deciding they’re a little too steep. Would love a warmer toned version of the Natasha trench too… I’m a pale skinned redhead who doesn’t look great in red or grey.

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