University Greek Boys Rush into Fall

College Frat Boys indulge you to go on a rush and initiate brainiac tendencies in rich jewel colours. These academic outfits are perfect for fall’s geek chic look with the Cordouroy Jackets, Knit Vest, White Tucked Shirt and Tie. Snap up and step up on the podium with the Second Life School Crest Pin sayin’ Second Life..Semper Veritas (Always the truth).  Don a pair of nerdy glasses, and youre all set to charm the semester away with flying greek letters. Now gnerding at the Casa Del Shai Deco and Deimos, not in your briefcase.

The Greek Boy Outfit


4 thoughts on “University Greek Boys Rush into Fall

  1. ehhhhhhhhh?Well i am Greek but i never seen in my life anyone in my country to wear this things…..And if ever shows up any guy wearing these clothes we’ll call him gay…..

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