If thats what you’re into

Casa del Shai brings to you the stylings of the Jemaine Outfit, a little spark of humor and inspiration from the recent youtube craze on Flight of the Conchords. Jemaine embodies the sexy art student geek wear from your local thrift shops around the world. Insanely fuzzy argyle makes you want to cuddle him up in a tab, bring him home to meet your untouched acoustic guitar. The details on the coat’s brass buttons, fabric bleeding at the edges, and undeniable well worn feeling, like you could almost smell a whiff of mothballs. The Cattle Ranch Pants with its soft cordorouy fabric and the ribbed turtleneck underneath complete the edgy “I really wanna play in a band when i grow up” look.

The Jemaine Outfit

Be too cool for school and warm up in the Jemaine Outfit at the Casa del Shai Deco. Accessories from Philotic Energy and Kari.


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