The Great Slick Rick Trenchcoat

The granddaddy of bling just graced the Casa with styling men’s trenchcoats. and while soul crooner Amy Winehouse misses out on her Slick Rick Concert, you can definitely rock it out on your own in one of these Slick Rick Trenchcoats. Designed with 3 optional versions of the prim coat tail; thin, medium and shorter. Each coat comes with a shiny prim buckle and flexi belt with studs. The pack also comes with a pair of detailed, matching Cordorouy pants. Play safe and studious or shizzle out and flash them with your bare virtual chest. Dont forget the enormous amount of gold and diamond jewelry, large necklaces with giant pendants, bracelets, huge rings and gold teeth… get your blingdaddy fantasies on.

Slick Rick Trenchcoat Group Ad

Now old skool rappin at the Casa Del Shai Deco

Model Sylar Boyd is wearing his own accessories. Greek Vest sold separately.


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