Give the Gift of Romance

Sharing with you the gift of romance, Casa del Shai now offers lingerie and boxers gift vendors to all the lovers who want to give presents to their beloved pixels. Shai Boudoir gift vendors are located at the Boudoir department, with Ladies’ and Mens’ boxes. Just follow directions on chat and you can IM me if your love refused the item, and ill deliver it for you.. (or we can weep together.)

Update: The Shai Boudoir sets are now available via SLExhange and Onrez sites for gift giving purposes. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Romance

  1. Question for you:

    Your vendors say on the signs “MOD COPY NO TRANSFER” but everything in the vendors seems to be no mod/no trans (copy only). Is that correct? Thanks

  2. Mine too! I just heard the Scala & Kolacny brothers’ chorale version. I melted.

    “I am covered in skin
    No one gets to come in
    Pull me out from inside
    I am folded and unfolded and unfolding”

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