Royalty seduces the Casa del Shai

Feast your eyes on a decadent coat to feed all your Cruella Deville fantasies…

Presenting the Duchess Coat in sophisticated glory. The Duchess moves sinuously as the vixen of the night. The mistress of the Boudoir is confident, mischievously scheming and unapologetic about her charms. She arrives fashionably late with a divine fur collar, tied together with a satin bow, her coat is crafted out of vintage Chantilly Lace and leather trims. Innapropriate glimpses of garters and sheer stockings are to be expected as stuffy snooty social circles are beyond her. The Duchess wants you to peek into her Boudoir.

The Duchess Coat in Black

The Duchess in Black.

The Duchess Coat in Red

The Duchess in Red.

The Duchess Coat in White

The Duchess in White.

The Duchess now scintillating pixels at the Casa Del Shai, Deco

(All images are downloadable for your personal wallpaper pleasures at 1440 x 845 pixels each.)


3 thoughts on “Royalty seduces the Casa del Shai

  1. Shaiiii could you pleaseeeee stop taking so many hot pics? Your sexiness is going to blow overheat the grid and blow it to bits! Fabo work as always. You are so annoyingly good.

  2. I already sent you an IM, but jeez. Do you know how to style an ad or do you know how to style an ad? These are delicious. Almost as delicious as the budior collection itself. And the copy? Perfect. I’m still a Shai fangirl.

  3. These have to be some of the sexiest ads in SL. I’d buy it just for the ad ^_^ The coat is gorgeous though 🙂

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