Dessert with the Marquise?

The Marquise gingerly takes the devilishly sinful cake and devours it with her fingers. She is wickedly irresistible in a satin bustier trimmed with fur. This set is luscious in rich autumn colours of Forest, Plum and Chocolate. Comes with a Corset, Garters, Stockings, Gloves and Prim Feather Waist Fluff, she schmoozes after dinner parties with her Dom Perignon glass clumsily held by a gloved hand. Now snatching your chocolate confectioneries at the Casa del Shai, Deco

The Marquise in Forest

The Marquise in Forest.

The Marquise in Chocolat

The Marquise in Chocolat.

The Marquise in Plum

The Marquise in Plum.

(These pics are downloadable as wallpapers 1440 x 845 pixels)


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