Falling Into Snow.

Casa del Shai releases a pre-winter holiday delight, a little dance into snow. The Winter Gown Series depicts a classic silhouette of a sinuous, vintage ballgown that moves with your every step. Waltzing into the season, welcoming it with gloved arms as colours become rich in Dusk, Gold, Grey, and Red. These ballgowns plunge deeply into your decolletage, but is warmed with a prim flexi chiffon scarf. Now available at the new Casa del Shai’s Rabbit Garden (150, 100, 691) and at the Onrez Website.

Winter Gown Series

Just a little tidbit: Casa del Shai in process of moving inventory to a new sim.. HOooooray!! Please take a copy of the Landmark at the Deco shop. Just type in Casa del Shai in your World Map, you will find the sim aaaaand off you go to the Rabbit’s Garden!

Working to dress you up in my love more..
Shai Delacroix


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