Holiday Kick off for the Casa del Shai Man

Winter has never been cooler with new dapper clothes for the festive holidays. Presenting this week’s releases for the suave and sophisticated man.

Carlitos is an inspired piece of woolen threads. A long thick grey cardigan to warm you through the crisp breeze. Comes in a Jacket Layer with a prim flexi coat tail, the cardigan is a study in layering with a mottled grey mock turtleneck shirt and topped with a woolen flexi scarf.


You cant have enough untiedshirts and sweatervests in your Second Life. The Allen Sweater vest is a layered piece of preppy coolness. Comes in 2 Jacket Layer options – Tied and Untied, with Sculpted turned up sleeve cuffs. Available in 6 juicy fall colours: Navy, Violet, Burgundy, Red, Olive, and Mustard.

Allen Vest

A Fall Classic Denim staple for this season’s romping in the snow. These jeans are handpainted and sits high on the waist as we say goodbye to low riders who dominated the scene for the past couple of years. Each come with a pair of sculpted leg cuffs, dyed to match the denim colour. Available in Rust, Grey, Black, Brown and Blue.


Finally, the Casa del Shai masterpiece is unveiled in the Alfonso Three Piece Suit. A gentleman’s soul and life. Never complete without distinct finery and an obssesion for details. The gentleman puts each piece of clothing on carefully before he goes out for the night. Each comes with a Jacket, Waistcoat, Shirt with Handpainted tie, A pair of dress pants. You can wear em in all the ways you can possibly think of.

Alfonso 3 Pc Suit

To complete the outfit, each pack comes with the Gentleman’s Fob Watch in Antique Gold with moving hands, scripted to synchronize with SL time. Also sold separately.

Come to the new Casa del Shai and fill your holidays with goodness.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Kick off for the Casa del Shai Man

  1. Lol I just buy them with my boyfriend. You do a wonderful job making nice male clothing. My man just loves it, and I love shopping with him at your store ! Please never decide to stop the great work !

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