Holiday Hosting Awaits the Casa Woman

Welcoming the winter chill, Casa del Shai introduces glamourous separates into the mix. These women wear the pants in bejeweled colours, paving the way for soft woolen knits, silk charmeuse and evening chiffon. Presenting this week’s releases for the sophisticate glamourous hostess of dinner parties.

First off is the Roisin Cocktail Dress, a floaty zebra print chiffon dress to rule haute hosting this season. Entertain your guests in a flowing wrap dress, with arm cutouts and shoulder trimmings. Dinner parties are never complete without you.


Harking back to the glorious 70s, the Dakota Pantsuit is an evening soiree number that glides oh so sexily as she waves her hands about. Slip on this rich duchess satin blouse with prim flexi sleeves. Get tucked into the fashionable high-waisted denims that hug your derriere and show off that waistline. Then dance the night away.

Be this season’s best dressed femme and chalk up all your party invites in these holiday must haves. The Roche Cocktail Outfit comes in sheer silk charmeuse, draped over a matching beaded tank top. A chanteuse atop slinky Alligator stovepipe jeans. Perhaps a conversation piece on its own.


No fireplace rendezvous can really swing without a saucy serving of woolen snuggles. Warm yourselves with the Sarita cowl neck sweater, in deep jewel tones. Sculpted collar makes you feel all toasty cool. The Sarita Sweater Set is matched up with a pair of rich tweed slacks to hug your bottom half in stylish flavor.


Come and pick up some warmth and glam at the Casa del Shai Sim.

*Update: We’ve moved all our vendors to the sim. Please delete all your Deco landmarks. Thanks and Happy Weekend!


7 thoughts on “Holiday Hosting Awaits the Casa Woman

  1. I love these rich jeweltones but the coctail outfit is my favorite with that sheer top and the cut of the fabric 🙂

  2. i love these new outfits and am tempted to buy them all! but….I went to the shop to pick these up and…do all of the pants have that HUGE Shai logo on the butt? makes it look kinda like a freebie, and a lot less classy…not that i don’t like good free stuff, I do….but it i am paying for an outfit…why do i need a big old advertisement on my tush?

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