Thanksgiving from the Casa

A post of good tidings for today is a perfect day. Casa del Shai garnered distinction at the 2007 SL Fashion Bloggers’ Choice Awards. Winning the best in the following categories:

1. Best Overall Fashion House.

2. Best Casual Clothing

3. Best Ethnic Clothing

4. Best Menswear

5. Best Texturing

6. Most Congenial (I forgot this! big thanks to Antie <3!)

A little thanksgiving note for all of you who supported Casa del Shai from its humble beginnings in Deimos. The Casa’s commitment is to create love into each new piece so people can enjoy who they truly are in Second Life. From the bottom of my heart, my wonky wacom pen, my mouse, my able tiny hands – Thank you.

Also, this Saturday, Dec 8, 2007, Casa del Shai ‘s early works along with other content providers will be showcased at the Evolutions Museum at the Arcana Sim 212, 101,22. Hope you can stop by and appreciate where we first started.


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving from the Casa

  1. You cant forget that you got Most Congenial!! 😀 That’s a big big big one! 😀 But if you don’t want it, I’ll take it. ;D

    Congratulations on all the awards Shai, you truly deserve it! 🙂

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