Chastity Unravelled

A foray into the naught of the night, Boudoir slips this sexy little lingerie set into your Christmas stockings. The Chastity Lingerie set binds you with the intricate wrappings of tinsel. She flirts with innocence as her lace peekaboo corset shows off her waist and holds her limbs into secret obedience. The steel key at her neck is the only path to her heart. Seducing your senses in Black, Dark Chocolate, and Hot Pink. For she of the most chaste can be the voluptuous vixen in the wee hours of the morning.

Chastity Black

Chastity Chocolate

Chastity Pink

A naughty little lingerie set now available at the Casa del Shai.


One thought on “Chastity Unravelled

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