Yearend Cheers for the Shai Guys

Who say’s we forgot about our beloved handsome SL men?

Presenting all new clothes for the Casa del Shai guy. Channelling Italian goodness, period clothing and a tiny peek into what’s instore for our men, we give you three stylish characters to choose from 🙂

The Newsboy Outfit
A hark back to the glorious days of the newspaper boy, this outfit calls out to the workforce as they trudge the empty morning cobblestone streets of the city. Each set comes with two coloured striped sweaters (full color + grey combinations), a separate jacket layer for the suspenders that you can wear with other shirts, and a set of grimy black wool pants.

The Newsboy Outfit

The Nehru Suit
The popular Indian suit has graced its modern touch at the Casa del Shai. Promoted well thru movies and the glittery hollywood scene, the Nehru Jacket was seen off the illustrous villains of our times. Dr. No, Austin Powers and also popularized by Johnny Carson. Handcrafted with the best linen textiles, this suit comes with a jacket, a dress shirt and a matching pair of pants.
The Nehru Suit

The Alpine Man
The sweet mountain air fills your breath as you shuffle across the winter’s path. The Alpine man is an altitude dressy outfit for those who like adventures up in the Bavarian Alps. Comes with a tweed waistcoat, trimmed with coque feather on the pocket, a knit sweater, a white dress shirt and matching tweed belted pants.

The Alpine Man

Happy New Year everyone!

Shai Delacroix


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