A Nightingale Sang…

…There was magic abroad in the air.
There were angels dining at the Ritz,
And a nightingale sang…

Welcome the new year with a toast to lounge singer 40s glamour. Presenting this year’s first releases for the real song birds of the night.

The Baroque Gown
The Baroque Gown is inspired by the period of decadence and grandeur. The swirls and folds of the goddess silhouette, highlighted with coque feathers evoke a feeling of exuberance. Dipped in turquoise green, this gown fits well into classical ballroom parties you graced as the countess.

The Baroque Gown

The Rococo Gown
Ornate in gold and blue, the Rococo Gown is a magnificent piece of emphatic yet restrained styling. With a simple low cutout on the front, and a long train of gold filigree skirt, this is a light hearted modern take on the Versailles‘ pompous ballgowns. Also trimmed with coque feathers on the hem.

The Rococo Gown
The Coquette Dress
Elegant yet innocent, a little avante garde with peekaboo coque feathers beneath the hem. The Coquette Dress is inspired by the classic 40’s lounge dresses. Its not just the frou frou rose colour that endears her to her amorous suitors, its the way satin smoothes over her long skirt. A perfect party dress to start the year with flirtatious laughter and sweet affections.

The Coquette Dress

It was such a romantic affair.
And as we kissed and said goodnight,
A nightingale sang at the Casa..


5 thoughts on “A Nightingale Sang…

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  3. These are absolutely gorgeous Shai. I am all for feathers and fur as embellishments on my RL and SL clothing and these creations are perfection. I love the texture and colours and the delicate cutouts on the Rococo gown. I was trying on the Baroque gown in my house when someone I had never met came to the door and I answered and the first thing they said was “I LOVE YOUR DRESS!”

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