A Shai Call to the Wild

As temperatures rise up to welcome spring, Casa del Shai tunes in on a breathtaking Safari Adventure. A firm believer in conserving energy, and protecting the wild, I wanted to dress you up in earth friendly colours as you go on to save the lonely planet from climate change.

The Zambia Safari Swimsuit offers an elemental experience into the wilds. Dressed in sheer cream sculpted top, held by a single halter tie, this suit is a star in any Lost episode.

The Birdwatcher Suit is the ultimate classy suit to watch the eagles and falcons cry out in the morning. Comes in 3 safari colours, Khaki, White and Fatigue and each set has a jacket, a pair of pants, a pair of camo shorts. Take a walk on the wild side and feed some birds today.

Birdwatcher Khaki

Birdwatcher Fatigue

Birdwatcher White

The Conservationist Safari Suit fits any Great Adventure, through lush rainforests or Serengeti’s wilderness . Dashing into the thick brushes in camo colours, these suits are made for wear and tear of the rugged man. Comes with the jacket, matching pair of pants and a camo innershirt to suit any Indiana Jones wannabe.

Conserve Fatigue

Fatigue Khaki

Conserve Grey

Now experiencing the wild at Casa del Shai.


6 thoughts on “A Shai Call to the Wild

  1. oh Shai I’m happy to know you’re feeling better!

    and these are lovely! And something completely new… I can’t wait to come see!

    Are you going to have a fashion show to show these off?


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