Grecian Deities grace the Casa

The gods and goddesses of Greek Pantheon has taken over the Casa. Introducing new draperies for you this lenten season.

The Eromenos Toga
Brilliant in white, this men’s toga shines as its paired with flexi skirt and a peplos (overdrape). Depicted in classical Athens as the illustrous, most sought after young boys in town, Eromenoi ruled the realms of love and inspiration for the ancient greek society.


The Athena Goddess Dress
The celebrated goddess of war and victory, encased in white chiffon, Athena is as worshipped as the successes she accomplished. Depicted with a shield and a spear oftentimes, Athena exudes a powerful softness in her commanding ways. Win some hearts in this white dress and conquer SL’s spartan scene.


The Medusa Maxi Dress
Medusa, an extremely beautiful mortal woman, deemed to have many lovers, was scorned by Athena in the Greek scriptures. Her punishment for the crime of having been disgraced at Athena’s temple turned her hair into snakes. Athena cursed her gaze, as any onlooker would instantly turn into stone. The Medusa Maxi Dress wraps you in snakeskin and sheer silk as you turn many men into stone.


Also released a couple of weeks back are the collection of Grecian Maxi Dresses for you lovely ladies of Sparta.

Grecian Maxi Dresses

Welcoming you to a whole new Ancient World of SL at Casa del Shai.


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