About the Casa

Casa del Shai is an online virtual clothing store for a variety of Second Life avatar apparel and avatar skin collections. Offering a unique hand painted style that reflect a cosmopolitan citizen, Shai is venturing into Skins and Mesh Clothing. The look is hand drawn and providing numerous options for the Second Life fashionista.

On Shai Delacroix:


Shai Delacroix is a self taught freelance illustrator/graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines. All her art creations are purchasable through Second Life.

Shai finished a degree in Fine Arts, majored in Advertising and has worked in the advertising and mobile communications industries. Some of her more recent artworks can be found here:

On Shai’s Content and Copyright:

Please do not reproduce artwork found on this website. I’ve found so many instances of my artwork on posters, forums and even real billboards. You can do your own artwork too! Just takes a little time and lots of imagination. If you find my work misrepresented elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to inform me.

On Designing Things:

I design and paint whatever inspires me.  If you want to use my artwork or even hire me to design for you, drop me a line below

17 thoughts on “About the Casa

  1. Hi Shai –

    I am designing and launching a real-world fashion. I am interesting in having you design marketing materials (graphics) based on my designs. Interested?


    5 Easy Pieces

  2. Hey Shai, i remember you from WAY BACK 🙂
    Love your designs, and wanted to see if you were interseted in contacting Syntheyc Summers about the upcoming Wedding Fair :3 there’s space for vendors in the next couple weeks.

  3. Hi there, is the athena goddess dress for sale at all? Would love to get my hands on one if they are!


  4. I like your Filipiniana gowns collections. Where can I find these? Are these for real?? I need to borrow or buy.. please reply Thanks!

  5. Hi! I like your designs very much. I’m desperately in need of a filipiniana. May I have your contact number and shop address? Thank you.

  6. Do you have a shop where we can visit and take a look at your dresses. We are looking for a wedding gown.


  7. THIS IS A VIRTUAL design no shop, it only exists in the cyberspace. WHo wants an imaginary dress! Come on guys, read the fine print! LMAO.

  8. Hi Shai,
    I am getting married in December 2011 and was interested in the Grecian Dresses. I am in Australia. Cant find a contact link on the site. I am very keen. Waiting for response

  9. Hi Shai,
    Am attending a wedding with a Filipino country theme. I wanted to ask where your shop is so that I can come in for a design consultation. Will appreciate the address or email address.


  10. Hi! I just stumbled upon your website and I find your work amazing.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is SL? Also, do you sell actual clothes?
    I am interested in the Luna Suit. Someone commented that he had just
    actually “bought” one from you.


  11. hello, I’m looking for a filipiniana costume, and I saw ur creation, they’re very lovely.. and so beautiful. I’m a student and we’ll be having a fashion show this coming march at Shangrila hotel. This is part of our personality development subject. I’d like to know if ur offering sponsorship? Or can your gowns be rented? ( if ever,how much?) Now a days it is very rare in the market. and were having hard time, to see one. maybe u’ll be the answer to are problem. I’ll appreciate ur immediate response, so that if ever i will recommend u to my professors, also to my co – students. thanks.

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