Kit Kat Club Winners!

After painstakingly spilling over the submissions for Casa Del Shai’s “Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum” Flickr contest with a cigarette in one hand, a glass of cabernet in the other and classic Nina Simone playing in the background, it is my pleasure to announce the winners.

First, a special thank you to all those who entered their photos. I hope you had as much fun prancing around scantily clad in the kick-line ensemble as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Without further adieu, Casa Del Shai’s official Kit Kat Club revue (whom I will be contacting in the next few days):

Grand Prize: Shelby Ziskey

Second Place: Honeydew Lake

Third Place: Darkley Aeon

Honorable Mentions:

We had to mention these two entries who made fabulous impact on the judges. They both win $L500 each and will be contacted shortly.

Eve Kazan

Skell Dagger


Life is a Cabaret, My Dear!

Introducing the Casa del Shai Holiday Release for 2008, a collaboration between Shai and Luth Brodie of Reel Expression.

The Mein Herr Costume is a tribute to the fabulous performance by Liza Minelli. As the Cabaret theme goes, this snazzy outfit includes a sculpted bowler hat,  the bowler hat with Liza’s curly black hair, Leather Vest in all layers, Sequined Shorts, garters, stockings, and a black studded choker.


The Bowler Hat is also sold separately so our men can be all dapper this season!  The hat comes in singles or the bowler 3 color packs, or you can buy a bowler hat with hair separately.


Happy Holidays!