Typhoon Ondoy Relief Fundraiser

“After the deluge of the terrible storms, there will always be a rainbow, a grander scheme to rebuild new lives.”

The Typhoon Ondoy as you may have seen over the news, destroyed thousands of homes in the very city we live in. That day, I got a phonecall from my sister to ring up emergency numbers to call in Marikina.  A friend of hers reported the big Marikina river had swollen and fiercely pushing out to the banks at 10am. Our country has no consolidated 911 emergency response teams, needless to say, there was nothing on the web to call except for the mayor’s office.

As the day unfolded,  I recieved text messages from friends, people stranded on top of their roofs, asking to report it online.  There were countless stories of being stranded for 18 hours up on rooftops as the floodwaters rushed in their homes in as little as 3 hours. People, cars and trees swimming  precariously in side by side, washed out into the metro’s streets. It was mayhem as the rains continued nonstop for 6-or so hours.


The internet being the only form of communications for some areas (phonelines, mobile was cut off) was a huge aid. Facebook, plurk, twitter updates had helped Filipinos tremendously for calling out volunteers, troops to send out, rubber boats to deploy, updates on victims stranded, missing persons listings.  In about 24 hours, private citizens and teams were dispatched to help out those in need. Its such an remarkable feat of unity amidst catastrophe.

Luckily spared from the rains and flooding, albeit the flickering electricity and internet connections, we decided to produce an in-world fundraiser to help out the Philippine Red Cross efforts. Casa del Shai and Straylight Botanical will be contributing 50% of  our earnings this two weeks to the cause. Last night the Typhoon Ondoy music event was a huge success. Thanks to my partner and RL husband, Kriss Lehmann, our friends Miabella Foxley and Bethany Heart, we will be donating a total of  over $L500,00 to Red Cross this week.  Your efforts make you all our internet heroes. We salute you. Thank you all for extending a hand.

If you had missed out on any of our fundraising activities, please take the time to post your personal donations to Red Cross Philippines via bank transfers or Paypal.


Give the Gift of Romance

Sharing with you the gift of romance, Casa del Shai now offers lingerie and boxers gift vendors to all the lovers who want to give presents to their beloved pixels. Shai Boudoir gift vendors are located at the Boudoir department, with Ladies’ and Mens’ boxes. Just follow directions on chat and you can IM me if your love refused the item, and ill deliver it for you.. (or we can weep together.)

Update: The Shai Boudoir sets are now available via SLExhange and Onrez sites for gift giving purposes. 🙂

Casa Del Shai’s First Podcast Interview

Got interviewed on my first ever podcast over teh interwebs with Daphne and Tamara! Yay! Thank God for Skype. Click on the link below. Tune in and get to know the real person behind Shai Delacroix. Stories of the Adulterer suit, whats up with the 70s influence and lots of nervous giggling. I promise much laughter in there. Enjoy the semi-debauchery, peoples!


(Yes, Shai is a girl. Or at least she thinks she is.)

Casa del Shai & Shopaholics for a Cause

As the SLRelay for Life draws to a close, Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure Team would like to thank you for the support you have shown us with our campaign against Cancer. We are blessed to have people like you share your time with the Date a Designer Event and the Tarot Reading Event. That with as little as a couple of lindens, we can help cancer patients within our virtual community, friends from this digital world. This weekend is the culminating event for SLRFL 07 and we are releasing limited editions from the team. The Casa del Shai along with Nicky Ree, Calla, Muse, Earthtones Boutique, Tete a Pied, Aitui and many others invite you to explore our sim at Relay Sim 28 this weekend. All proceeds of these releases will go the American Cancer Society funds.

CSD RFL Limiteds

The Singles Awareness Day Experience

Sunburnt, slightly sober and sand overdosed, i trudged back towards the beach last night with half my companions in alcoholic stupor. Thanks to a crazy scuba instructor, my roommate downed the 15 shooter experience at Cocomangas and got totally ripped for Valentines. What’s with men and putting on a machismo act of “I can do that in 1 min, boys!” So this morning, he’s paying for his sins in bed with a huge bottle of agua. Yay for the Singles Awareness Day!

Anyhoo, I’m starting to feel stuck in this island. Weirdly, the SL clothesmaking withdrawal symptoms is starting to creep up behind my burnt neck. God knows I still have 4 more days to endure the hangovers but I gotta take my guest student diver around and show him the sights. You guys should check out Boracay if youre planning a trip to my country. Its our slice of heaven on earth..be prepared to get lost in the sheer beauty of white sands, blue water and “spring break” mentality.

Boracay Beach

Also, the real reason for this unexpected trip is that I’m attending a beach wedding this saturday and I am doing the first speech (I introduced the bride and groom – yeah yeah I am a matchmaker). But I havent really worked on my speech yet. I hope I wont slurr….*hic* I will probably go mushy and sweet. What the hell. Wish me luck pixels. Im trying to make up for the RL time I’ve lost. lolz. Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day. Missing you guys so much. ♥ Shaisterrrrr

Hello from Boracay!

Heya from sunny sandy beaches of Boracay. Thanks to modern technology, we have some semblance of internet access. But unfortunately, I cannot go inworld yet. I truly truly am missing my SL. And I’ve been having weird withdrawal syndromes, so drowning it with alcohol seems to work. lolz. Anyway, I miss you guys all. Leave an IM or for other pressing matters, IM Aemila Case. I shall be back on the 18th to sort out my mailbox. Lotsa coconut oil love and seawater stringy hair, Shai ♥

Rockin Boogie Nights Bday Bash

We boogied, we shimmied, and we conquered the dirty 30s! Last thursday was a rockin Boogie Nights bday party and I am still reeling from the hangover. We had so much fun that night despite the consistent crashes and lagatronic occasions. Big shoutouts to those who came and partied with me. 39 avatars, 15 hours of non-stop chatter was one for the records.. the parcel was teaming with beautiful people.

As expected, we had folks strutting in 70s Boogie Nights gear. Haver Cole stole the show as Amber Waves. Sol Columbia muffled us with her huge afro and moo Money had her camera rollin. Kyushu was, by far, the reigning Dirk Diggler. Seeing lots of Travolta suits on the dance floor were enough to make my day.

Everyone rocked the shiny disco ball chim and lined up coke for snorting. At one point i thought I saw a copybot copymachine rezzed out on the corner..hmm..i might be hallucinating with all the coke flowing. The after hours party evolved into another Truth or Truth Game (<3 Saeya) that rocked the socks of those who stayed. Thank you guys for giving me the time of my digital life. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well. Thanks to Rance Alva, Novi Gadsby and Push Skolnick for spinning tunages. Till the next Casa del Shai cocktail affair.. Much luv and mixxed kahluas. Hooo!

PS: I crashed ten million times and werent able to snap pics. Anyone who took party pics, do send them over so i can post it here. xoxoxoxo


Happy Birthday Me.

Alright, ill fess up. I’ve just turned the big three-oh. Tis a fine 12:01am and im kissing my Smirnoff ice with glee. Its not a big feeling, afterall this time of knockin around and procrastinating on how to celebrate my birthday. It has finally seeped in.. Always imagined it to be a fireworks affair. God knows how I sludged through my 20’s with so much effort. So if you would like to share this special day with me, come be at my party at the Casa del Shai, Deco on the 18th of January 6pm SLT. We are doing Boogie Nights so come as your favorite 70s character. Get down tonight, Dirk Diggler.rollahgirl-copy.jpg

Trivial Pursuit

Does this mean your playlist show your true colors? I did a shuffle on the itunes  and with each item, wrote the name of the song being played. I know trivialities are fun. You are what you listen to.

My Life as Smashing House Party

Opening Credits:
Lost You Somewhere – Chicane (DJ Tiesto Mix)

Waking Up:
The Rest of Me – Late Night Alumni (Beach House)

First Day At School/Work:
Born Slippy Nuxx – Underworld (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

Falling In Love:
Can’t Get Enough  – StoneBridge (Beach House)

Breaking Up:
If You Want Me To Stay – Sly and the Family Stone

Sweet Religion – Imogen Heap

Life’s Ok:
Rise – Bonnie Bailey (Beach House)

Felicidade – Astrud Gilberto (Compact Jazz)

Couldn’t Sleep – Milosh (Meme)

Getting Back Together:
Like It or Not – Madonna (Confessions On a Dance Floor) *rolls eyes

Wedding Scene:
Make Me Dance All Night (Eric Kupper Mix)

Birth of Child:
Goodnight and Go – Imogen Heap

Final Battle:
Flying Away (Sisco Lounge Mix)  – Moony

Death Scene:
Strange Little Girl – Tori Amos

Funeral Song:
This is Your Life – Moony (Beach House)

End Credits:
Beautiful – Mandalay (The Best of Cafe del Mar)

Okay back to the sewing machine, *cracks her own bullwhip.

Shai-lettes and what nots

Apologies for not releasing anything, dear ones. Delays are the stuff of my life this past week. There have been a lot of doors opening for the Casa that I simply could not resist. The Shai-lettes have come to take over the world. We are crawling the grid in little bite size pieces at these exciting locations:

Lalique Square, Amicita, Imogen, Manhunt Mall, D2K, Sc Designs and soon at the Bayside beach.

Also, the new Casa del Shai store build is coming along dandy. As promised, I am hoping to launch the Fall/Winter Collection for Guys and Girls by this week with it. And just a little teaser to whet your appetites, I am excited to release a fully handpainted pair of jeans too. Shhh..

Falling for Fall

I must confess. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and well wishes from the highly regarded fashion scene. In the past few weeks, I was spell bound to create more, to spin more threads and bring you better designs. The buzz here is that I’m falling for Fall, a spiralling head-first nosedive into the rich hues of nature.

Up and coming on my end, hopefully by the end of the week, will be a few of my autumn/winter collection with a new store design by my friend Aemilia Case. And once again, I am most grateful for the responses and reviews. A toast to all you pixels out there. Cheers!