Did someone say kittybow?



The Volpe Silk Blouse is a study of classic lines and silky goodness. A silky sculpty prim kittybow atop a dangerously proper blouse fit to perfection. She lurks behind horn rimmed glasses, perhaps a trademark of her librarian days. And shes still on top of her game, although older and classier among her peers. The Volpe Silk Blouse is quite a successful prowess, a little minx, seducing your skin with its supple ripples. Comes in a plethora of colours, it features a sculpted prim kittybow, sculpted sleeves and prim cuffs. In both shirt and jacket layers. Available only at Casa del Shai.


Siobhan Steps Out

Scuttling insistently around town, a flustered Siobhan settles in her seat at the cafe. She orders an espresso, whips out her pen and notepad. “What are you doing today?” she writes. A blase blank page stares at her, sneering at her loss for words. Siobhan stares longingly at the other people at the cafe, busily jabbing away at their berries. “Oh darn, life without online social networking is such a pain.” she moans.

The Siobhan Dress, a dollop of a ladylike elegance amidst a tech-ridden, trend-laden society. This new release is inpired by fall winter’s plaid, subdued into a pencil skirt and a bustier topped with sheer chiffon lace. Comes in four tartan variants. Only at the Casa del Shai.


Behind the Velvet Ropes

Paparazzi calls out your name as you step out of your limousine, gingerly extending a hand to the cowering throng of people outside the theater. Flashbulbs blind your eyes and in slow graceful motion, you slide out on your heels, instantly flashing everyone a smile. Every single photographer wants to you to strike a pose.  Every single celebrity wants to know where you’re partying after the event. Every magazine editor wants to know who designed your gown. Give them a show of glamour and ritzy elegance only you can carry off tonight. It’s your brilliant spotlight, baby. And the show is just about to start.


Casa del Shai brings you the ultimate evening gown collection to make the crowd swoon.  The Eden, Xanadu, Midas and Sitta Evening gowns are now exclusively available to the hip young starlet in you.

These gowns are now in theaters at the Casa del Shai sim. The collection is also available at the Glam Expo at Vanity Universe. Ciao Bella.

The Dark Ballerina at Black Swan

She sways and twirls into a trance, the Dark Ballerina in her jewel encrusted box. Her movements languid and her skirt flouncing patterns of shadows across your face. A little release for your jewelry box to mesmerize your night soul. The Rosalind Ballerina dress is a dollop of gothic sweetness, inspired by Tim Burton’s movies (Nightmare before Christmas and Beetlejuice). The dress comes with a sheer top, accented by appliques and a fluffy featherlike tutu to spread your magic abound. Only available now at the Black Swan sim. A tiny introduction into my upcoming collection…

The Rosalind Ballerina Dress

The Rosalind Ballerina Dress

Happy Philippine Independence Day!

Casa del Shai celebrates Philippine Independence Day this weekend with a clothesline filled with Pinoy (Slang for Filipino) Tshirts. Depicted with filipino pop culture icons, nuances and humor, these shirts are a fun way to show your national pride, channeling the funky hipster lifestyle. For a fun quick english translation, get someone who knows tagalog and it just might start an interesting conversation about Balut.

Wave your flag and eat Balut like a true pinoy homie. Now available at Casa del Shai.

Haute Boheme

Annouck smooths down her frivolous skirts, smiling at the orange rays of sun. The new boheme has emerged, a new soul has stepped out gingerly onto freshly cut grass. Alas, it is the season of carefree tromping  and frolic in fresh air. We welcome it with the new Annouck Halter Dress, in a sculpted tiered skirt. The easiness of a mailot lies underneath, spun in butterfly fabric, sheer and luxurious. Embellishments of a bronze ring, tied around her neck, and a low cut draping back, this dress  defines the eclectic, colorful, ironic persona in all of us. Summer luxe is but a simple twirl of a skirt.

Only at the Casa del Shai.

Sprinkle in some floral fever

As the heat intensifies, the ladies strip down to prettier undies and tidy little floral dresses. This season, Casa del Shai introduces a variety of blooms into your knickers drawer with french toile. The Soleil Lingerie set is a hark back into our frolicks as teenagers, carefree and fun. Sheer ruffle accents skim the outlines of this set with miniature ribbons to match. Comes with bra, matching panties, garters and stockings. Available in Fennel, Bloodorange, Lila and Antique colors. Spray some perfume and youre ready to romp.

Gorgeous men are not left out with the new Alain Swim Trunks. A toast to the new softer masculine trends, this swimsuit is a tempting invitation to embrace hot summer nights in tight lycra. Comes in 2 eye-catching varieties of plaid and floral, this will surely hug your derriere this summer.

Now available at the Casa del Shai.

Malena’s Boudoir

Inspired by the award winning movie, Malena Lingerie Set is the first Spring offering at Casa del Shai Boudoir. Depicted in wonderful Sicily at the height of World War II, Malena struggled as a lonely woman, lusted after by the men and scorned by the women of her town. This set attempts to embody the innocence and the strength of a lady, exquisitely feminine in her boudoir. Available in Salmon, Moss, Blue Crush and Taupe, itcomes with matching lace bra and panties and a silk see through teddy skirt. Now swirling at the Casa.

La Dulcinea

A striking little confectionnaire for the Boudoir in a body contoured suit, the Dulce is a delightful lolita on her own. Night shadows undulate against sheer side panels. Plunging deep into the décolletage. Tied up seemingly with puppet strings around her neck. The Dulce Body Con Suit invokes sexy innocence yet boldly challenges you to play with her. Packed in black sugar sweetness, this set comes with a Mailot, in all layers, a pair of sheer cut off gloves and sheer stockings.


Grecian Deities grace the Casa

The gods and goddesses of Greek Pantheon has taken over the Casa. Introducing new draperies for you this lenten season.

The Eromenos Toga
Brilliant in white, this men’s toga shines as its paired with flexi skirt and a peplos (overdrape). Depicted in classical Athens as the illustrous, most sought after young boys in town, Eromenoi ruled the realms of love and inspiration for the ancient greek society.


The Athena Goddess Dress
The celebrated goddess of war and victory, encased in white chiffon, Athena is as worshipped as the successes she accomplished. Depicted with a shield and a spear oftentimes, Athena exudes a powerful softness in her commanding ways. Win some hearts in this white dress and conquer SL’s spartan scene.


The Medusa Maxi Dress
Medusa, an extremely beautiful mortal woman, deemed to have many lovers, was scorned by Athena in the Greek scriptures. Her punishment for the crime of having been disgraced at Athena’s temple turned her hair into snakes. Athena cursed her gaze, as any onlooker would instantly turn into stone. The Medusa Maxi Dress wraps you in snakeskin and sheer silk as you turn many men into stone.


Also released a couple of weeks back are the collection of Grecian Maxi Dresses for you lovely ladies of Sparta.

Grecian Maxi Dresses

Welcoming you to a whole new Ancient World of SL at Casa del Shai.

A Shai Call to the Wild

As temperatures rise up to welcome spring, Casa del Shai tunes in on a breathtaking Safari Adventure. A firm believer in conserving energy, and protecting the wild, I wanted to dress you up in earth friendly colours as you go on to save the lonely planet from climate change.

The Zambia Safari Swimsuit offers an elemental experience into the wilds. Dressed in sheer cream sculpted top, held by a single halter tie, this suit is a star in any Lost episode.

The Birdwatcher Suit is the ultimate classy suit to watch the eagles and falcons cry out in the morning. Comes in 3 safari colours, Khaki, White and Fatigue and each set has a jacket, a pair of pants, a pair of camo shorts. Take a walk on the wild side and feed some birds today.

Birdwatcher Khaki

Birdwatcher Fatigue

Birdwatcher White

The Conservationist Safari Suit fits any Great Adventure, through lush rainforests or Serengeti’s wilderness . Dashing into the thick brushes in camo colours, these suits are made for wear and tear of the rugged man. Comes with the jacket, matching pair of pants and a camo innershirt to suit any Indiana Jones wannabe.

Conserve Fatigue

Fatigue Khaki

Conserve Grey

Now experiencing the wild at Casa del Shai.

A Nightingale Sang…

…There was magic abroad in the air.
There were angels dining at the Ritz,
And a nightingale sang…

Welcome the new year with a toast to lounge singer 40s glamour. Presenting this year’s first releases for the real song birds of the night.

The Baroque Gown
The Baroque Gown is inspired by the period of decadence and grandeur. The swirls and folds of the goddess silhouette, highlighted with coque feathers evoke a feeling of exuberance. Dipped in turquoise green, this gown fits well into classical ballroom parties you graced as the countess.

The Baroque Gown

The Rococo Gown
Ornate in gold and blue, the Rococo Gown is a magnificent piece of emphatic yet restrained styling. With a simple low cutout on the front, and a long train of gold filigree skirt, this is a light hearted modern take on the Versailles‘ pompous ballgowns. Also trimmed with coque feathers on the hem.

The Rococo Gown
The Coquette Dress
Elegant yet innocent, a little avante garde with peekaboo coque feathers beneath the hem. The Coquette Dress is inspired by the classic 40’s lounge dresses. Its not just the frou frou rose colour that endears her to her amorous suitors, its the way satin smoothes over her long skirt. A perfect party dress to start the year with flirtatious laughter and sweet affections.

The Coquette Dress

It was such a romantic affair.
And as we kissed and said goodnight,
A nightingale sang at the Casa..