Romancing The Filipiniana Ternos

Casa del Shai introduces The Shai Filipiniana series, a loving tribute to the glorious Filipina ancestors, drawing inspiration from our history and colorful literature. We celebrate our Independence Day every June 12, when the first flag was raised over Taal, and I thought it was a good time to showcase true Filipina flavor. These Ternos are stylized variations of the Philippine National Costume adorned with lace butterfly sculpted sleeves, bell sleeves, the Panuelo (shawl), shirred bodices, pearls and flexified ball gown skirts. Each gown harks back to the Filipina Mestizas of the 1800s as it evolves into the the ternos Imelda Marcos personified in the 70s . They symbolize the grandeur and beauty of the Dalagang Filipina, mysteriously demure yet amazingly proud and strong.

Filipiniana Terno Ad

Filipiniana Design Shai Delacroix ©Osay Magturo

These gowns were made with much heart and love. A proud independent nationalist, and a culture geek at heart, this is why I am proud to be Filipina.