La Capricciosa Maxi Dress

La Capricciosa Maxi Dress, originally uploaded by shai delacroix.

Casa del Shai rejoins the 50 Linden Fridays group this week to offer a taste into hot hot hot Tropicana. This Friday indulge in your inner cappriciosa and lounge in this season’s hottest trend – Tropical Prints. Welcoming summer 2010, La Capricciosa is perfect for a weekend at the beach and partying barefoot in the sand. The dress comes in modifiable skirt options; short, medium and long, and all 3 should be worn at the same time for a more 70s vibe.
A kaliedoscope of colours and prints, perfect for the bohemian in you. Each color variation only L$50 for 24 hours May 28.

3 thoughts on “La Capricciosa Maxi Dress

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