The Aphrodite Cocktail Dress

The Aphrodite Cocktail Dress

Evening soiress are abound as the holiday season looms over us. The season bodes of decadence and passion, a lustful indulgence in luxurious things. The Aphrodite Cocktail Dress is the latest creation in honor of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and passion.

She loved gaiety and glamour and was not at all pleased at being the wife of sooty, hard-working man. Aphrodite loved and was loved by many gods and mortals. Among her mortal lovers, the most famous was perhaps Adonis.

An aphrodisiac on its own, this grecian inspired cocktail dress will lure you into an evening of illicit adventures. Now offered to you at the Casa del Shai, Deimos.

“Aphrodite.” Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.
[Accessed November 29, 2006].

Shearling Coats and Mock Turtlenecks

Ruby Shearling Coat Taupe Ruby Shearling Coat CocoaRuby Shearling Coat Ebony

A lot has been happening in my RL as of the moment, but SL remains undaunted. Here is the latest on the Casa del Shai Line. Another pride and joy, the Ruby Shearling Coats. These pieces started out as a silly dream to wear sheepskin in a tropical country. I know. Laughs. The fashionista in me groans everytime retail stores would try to sell these babies here, knowing sweat will be the end of us.  But then again, some coveted girlies actually work in siberian conditions at chic office buildings. Maybe thats an excuse to wear fur. Anyway, in second life, we can always be who we wanna be, and wear what we wanna wear.

The Coats come with a jacket + skirt layer, a mock turtleneck and a prim rosette pin.  Due to some whispered requests, I will be coming out with a couple of Mens Shearling Coats before the week ends.

To pair off, the Casa also came out with these Mock Turtleneck goodies so you can shrug off the coats in style. They come in great bejeweled colours; Nutmeg, Fern, Ebony, Teal and Ruby.

Mock Turtlenecks

Shai Girls Fall Winter 06

An abundant offering for the pixelite fashionista who’s taste is richly discriminating and eclectic. The Casa unveils to you its fascination with cashmere and skinny jeans, luscious brocade, fringes and sexy librarians. This holiday season, wrap your arms around lush fabrics and watch the leaves fall.

Shai Skinny Jeans

Here’s my signature Shai Skinny Jeans and Im really proud of them. Handpainted and handwashed with 5 different styles, these jeans come with underpants and pants versions you can wear with your favorite boots. They come in Alchemy, Pebble, Fade Out, Dark Denim and Regular wash colors to suit all your outfits.

Cashmere Belted Jacket

The Cashmere Belted Sweaters in Berry, Juniper, Chestnut and Plush is an old favorite style. Pull yourself in these warm goodness and flaunt them with the skinny jeans. The fat pack comes free with the Fade Out Skinny Jeans shown in the ad above.

The Batucado Dress

Here we have a flirty Batucado Dress, inspired by a bossanova artist, designed with a detailed rose brocade and cinched with a leather belt. The skirt has a wonderful fringe trim right at the distinctive scalloped hemline. Shake your hips in Violet, Gold, Steel, Turquoise and Salmon colours.

The Bordello Dres

The Bordello Dress is a haughty satirical take on the elegant Lady of the Manor. The dress is a floral bouquet in a flexi skirt with a scoop on the decolletage and a fancy keyhole that bares your back. This comes with a string of South Sea Pearls to complete the look.

The Novelle Librarian

Finally, the Novelle Librarian comes sashaying in her tweed Leatherbound skirt and a sheer frilly Alma Mater blouse. This set is a conservative retro inspired look that speaks of card catalogues and unreturned books. I spent so much time in the library pouring over books, i had to pay homage to my icon. The Alma Mater blouse comes in Corn, White and Rose. The Leatherbound skirt are in Brown, Black and Ore

Now shimmy down the digital highway with these new clothes from the Casa. Send me photos of your fabulous self decked out in Shai digs, i’d love to post some in flickr. Twirling out.

Shai Guys Fall Winter 06

The Big Day has arrived and I am launching my Fall Winter Collection with less words and more visuals. Curl up with the new knitwear and more tweed jackets right by your fireplace. Without further ado, I give you Shai Guys FW06:

Heath Jackets

The Heath Jacket is a collection of tweed jackets, accessorized with a plaid scarf attachment in 3 muted colors: Olive, Wood, and Charcoal. A tucked-in Basic White Linen Shirt is included. Perfect for waxing poetic or romancing the ladies.

Casino Jacket

Be a dashing debonaire with the new Casino Jacket inspired by the new James Bond movie. You can wear this casually, or an alternative jacket to your suit. Comes in Black, Evergreen and Navy Blue.

Men’s Irish Sweater and Shirt Sets
Lets not forget the Men’s Irish Sweater and Shirt Sets to give you that distinctive learned prep boy look. These sets have a crisp white shirt underneath and could be worn as a jacket or shirt layer for versatility. In rich velvety colours:Wisteria, Indigo, Antique, Midnight, & Clover.

Men’s Flaunt Jeans

To cap it all off, here is my pride and joy. Presenting the Men’s Flaunt Jeans. Engineered to fit the discriminating rough tastes, glossed with handpainted goodness, these jeans have authentic rivets, great waistband details and an old worn-out look. Available in an array of fall colours, Coal, Alchemy, Lumberjack and Westwood.

Coming soon are ready made outfits i have mixed and matched with all the lines. Do come by the Casa and fill your closet up with these goodies. Also, I would love to see photos of you with them on, so send ’em over.

Shai-lettes and what nots

Apologies for not releasing anything, dear ones. Delays are the stuff of my life this past week. There have been a lot of doors opening for the Casa that I simply could not resist. The Shai-lettes have come to take over the world. We are crawling the grid in little bite size pieces at these exciting locations:

Lalique Square, Amicita, Imogen, Manhunt Mall, D2K, Sc Designs and soon at the Bayside beach.

Also, the new Casa del Shai store build is coming along dandy. As promised, I am hoping to launch the Fall/Winter Collection for Guys and Girls by this week with it. And just a little teaser to whet your appetites, I am excited to release a fully handpainted pair of jeans too. Shhh..

Falling for Fall

I must confess. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and well wishes from the highly regarded fashion scene. In the past few weeks, I was spell bound to create more, to spin more threads and bring you better designs. The buzz here is that I’m falling for Fall, a spiralling head-first nosedive into the rich hues of nature.

Up and coming on my end, hopefully by the end of the week, will be a few of my autumn/winter collection with a new store design by my friend Aemilia Case. And once again, I am most grateful for the responses and reviews. A toast to all you pixels out there. Cheers!

The Bellydancer

Jangling coin sashes and fluid silks maketh a seductress in a belly dance. Hypnotic moves in Belly Dancing have always fascinated me and the music is just surreal. I was listening to my Putomayo CD this past week and it has inspired me to dance again. Today, i offer you a bevy of beauties in the Susheela Belly Dancing Silks that would surely hypnotize your audience.

The silks come in four juicy colors of Gold, Pearl, Ice Blue and Fuschia. Each outfit has a halter top in shirt and undershirt layers, a coin sash, a thong, prim flexi skirt and arm bands.

This collection is transferrable so you can send them as gifts to your friends. Now jangling at the Casa del Shai – Deimos (247, 50, 37)