Introducing the new Shai Jamaica Skin!

The devil is always in the details and this skin reels you in like chocolate addiction.

Jamaica, the latest photorealistic + handpainted skin from Shai, featuring a highly detailed face, luscious lips and deep set beguiling eyes.  Probably the best African skintone on the grid today, Jamaica is inspired by the need to express who you are.

Shai Jamaica Ad
Jamaica comes in 10 full skin make ups:

+ a natural African hairbase
+ 2 Cleavage options
+ 3 separate Lipstick palettes in 3 different colors on tattoo layers to mix and match
+ 1 Body Shape in Model and Petite sizes and an Eyebrow shape

Get them here: Shai @ Straylight

Shai Skin Varieties


Shai Virgo Satchel – Mesh Release

Introducing: Virgo Satchel , Our first SL Mesh release for F/W 2012.

The Virgo Satchel is a tailored leather satchel, finished with artfully hand-painted stitches and luxe gold hardware. The stylish leather handle is cinched by a textured leather string with the Virgo emblem charm. This is the perfect it bag for this season’s back to school autumn rush.

Shai-VirgoSatchel-BlogAd-FullColorShai Virgo Satchel in Chestnut

These pretty satchel bags comes in 10 luscious colors: Tangerine, Chestnut, Coffee, Black, Sand, Canary, Denim, Red, Teal and Violet.

Each Shai Virgo Satchel folder includes 1 non rigged mod copy version and 1 posed/scripted  copy only version. The pose is designed exclusively by Grazia Horwitz for Shai.  Click to wear this version to pose your avatar.

Stay tuned for the rest of Casa del Shai’s mesh collection over at our store. TELEPORT.

A brief note: This mesh model is made with Zbrush, Maya and Photoshop. Optimized entirely for Second Life usage, low poly and high poly models available. If you need help fitting, please dont hesitate to message me. Dont forget to follow our releases here, on Facebook , Plurk and join our inworld group *Shai* Shopaholics.



Life is a Cabaret, My Dear!

Introducing the Casa del Shai Holiday Release for 2008, a collaboration between Shai and Luth Brodie of Reel Expression.

The Mein Herr Costume is a tribute to the fabulous performance by Liza Minelli. As the Cabaret theme goes, this snazzy outfit includes a sculpted bowler hat,  the bowler hat with Liza’s curly black hair, Leather Vest in all layers, Sequined Shorts, garters, stockings, and a black studded choker.


The Bowler Hat is also sold separately so our men can be all dapper this season!  The hat comes in singles or the bowler 3 color packs, or you can buy a bowler hat with hair separately.


Happy Holidays!

Siobhan Steps Out

Scuttling insistently around town, a flustered Siobhan settles in her seat at the cafe. She orders an espresso, whips out her pen and notepad. “What are you doing today?” she writes. A blase blank page stares at her, sneering at her loss for words. Siobhan stares longingly at the other people at the cafe, busily jabbing away at their berries. “Oh darn, life without online social networking is such a pain.” she moans.

The Siobhan Dress, a dollop of a ladylike elegance amidst a tech-ridden, trend-laden society. This new release is inpired by fall winter’s plaid, subdued into a pencil skirt and a bustier topped with sheer chiffon lace. Comes in four tartan variants. Only at the Casa del Shai.


Behind the Velvet Ropes

Paparazzi calls out your name as you step out of your limousine, gingerly extending a hand to the cowering throng of people outside the theater. Flashbulbs blind your eyes and in slow graceful motion, you slide out on your heels, instantly flashing everyone a smile. Every single photographer wants to you to strike a pose.  Every single celebrity wants to know where you’re partying after the event. Every magazine editor wants to know who designed your gown. Give them a show of glamour and ritzy elegance only you can carry off tonight. It’s your brilliant spotlight, baby. And the show is just about to start.


Casa del Shai brings you the ultimate evening gown collection to make the crowd swoon.  The Eden, Xanadu, Midas and Sitta Evening gowns are now exclusively available to the hip young starlet in you.

These gowns are now in theaters at the Casa del Shai sim. The collection is also available at the Glam Expo at Vanity Universe. Ciao Bella.

The Dark Ballerina at Black Swan

She sways and twirls into a trance, the Dark Ballerina in her jewel encrusted box. Her movements languid and her skirt flouncing patterns of shadows across your face. A little release for your jewelry box to mesmerize your night soul. The Rosalind Ballerina dress is a dollop of gothic sweetness, inspired by Tim Burton’s movies (Nightmare before Christmas and Beetlejuice). The dress comes with a sheer top, accented by appliques and a fluffy featherlike tutu to spread your magic abound. Only available now at the Black Swan sim. A tiny introduction into my upcoming collection…

The Rosalind Ballerina Dress

The Rosalind Ballerina Dress

Happy Philippine Independence Day!

Casa del Shai celebrates Philippine Independence Day this weekend with a clothesline filled with Pinoy (Slang for Filipino) Tshirts. Depicted with filipino pop culture icons, nuances and humor, these shirts are a fun way to show your national pride, channeling the funky hipster lifestyle. For a fun quick english translation, get someone who knows tagalog and it just might start an interesting conversation about Balut.

Wave your flag and eat Balut like a true pinoy homie. Now available at Casa del Shai.

Haute Boheme

Annouck smooths down her frivolous skirts, smiling at the orange rays of sun. The new boheme has emerged, a new soul has stepped out gingerly onto freshly cut grass. Alas, it is the season of carefree tromping  and frolic in fresh air. We welcome it with the new Annouck Halter Dress, in a sculpted tiered skirt. The easiness of a mailot lies underneath, spun in butterfly fabric, sheer and luxurious. Embellishments of a bronze ring, tied around her neck, and a low cut draping back, this dress  defines the eclectic, colorful, ironic persona in all of us. Summer luxe is but a simple twirl of a skirt.

Only at the Casa del Shai.


Romancing The Filipiniana Ternos

Casa del Shai introduces The Shai Filipiniana series, a loving tribute to the glorious Filipina ancestors, drawing inspiration from our history and colorful literature. We celebrate our Independence Day every June 12, when the first flag was raised over Taal, and I thought it was a good time to showcase true Filipina flavor. These Ternos are stylized variations of the Philippine National Costume adorned with lace butterfly sculpted sleeves, bell sleeves, the Panuelo (shawl), shirred bodices, pearls and flexified ball gown skirts. Each gown harks back to the Filipina Mestizas of the 1800s as it evolves into the the ternos Imelda Marcos personified in the 70s . They symbolize the grandeur and beauty of the Dalagang Filipina, mysteriously demure yet amazingly proud and strong.

Filipiniana Terno Ad

Filipiniana Design Shai Delacroix ©Osay Magturo

These gowns were made with much heart and love. A proud independent nationalist, and a culture geek at heart, this is why I am proud to be Filipina.